Weekend Photos Y Wrap-Up

First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREA!

Did you know I'm a professional hummingbird watcher now? I like to watch them fight to the death at the feeder. Whomever created our particular feeder with the four little feeder holes was clearly a sociopath because hummingbirds do not share. No, sir. I filled this thing up on Friday before Miss Kitty and I took Casey out on a dinner date and it will be empty by this Friday. Fat little piggie birds. Husband went to a concert with Babe and so I had a nice, leisurely night at home aside from dinner which actually went pretty well. If there are crayons at a restaurant, there is a content Casey to follow.

Saturday no photos were taken because we really did very little other than go swimming at my parents' pool. Casey had a case of the runs on Friday but I thought he was over it until he booted while swimming. Thank goodness we had no witnesses. Didn't stop him from wanting to swim more, though. This morning he told me "We went swimming at Gaga and Papa's pool. I drank the water and threw up the frutas (aka fruit snacks)." So nice he is making memories. Husband threw together a lasagna and three buddies of his from San Diego came up to eat with us after they were done with their Ventura/Santa Barbara beach tour. Casey thought it would be nice if during our meal he went potty all by himself but streaked down the hallway with a naked, dirty butt to be wiped afterwards. I'm sure our guests enjoyed the show. I know I felt like a proud mama.
Here's a view of my son having a sucker on his dad's shoulders while showing the rest of us his plumber's crack. We ended up in Ojai on Sunday after attempting to go to the Santa Paula Citrus Festival. Apparently all the great things like hot air balloons happened on Saturday because by the time we got there on Sunday there was just a shitty band playing in an empty field with zero vendors and zero to do. We left there and took a leisurely drive on the 150 and had lunch at Boccali's and played in the park before stopping at the rad little candy store. While at Boccali's, a trio of tough looking biker dudes sat down beside us. One had a shirt on that said "Fuck like someone's filming" which is just super family friendly. What cracked me up is that they were nice as can be and one ordered a sparkling water (specifically Pellegrino though he was fine with Calastoga) and the other a lemonade. Teehee. Tough indeed.
This is a picture of a tree at the park in Ojai that had been knitted. I don't understand how this was done nor why. But there it is.


Coodence said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend!

Hung said...
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Hung said...

the Yarn-Bombing thing is a thing. There are even Yarn-bombing crews: http://www.yarnbombinglosangeles.com/

Gen said...

Cute little plumber's crack!

FYI - Best time to see the balloons is Friday/Saturday night when they do the "Glow".

Sounds like you had a nice weekend - Thanks for sharing!