The Results Are In

Today was the big day: my first OBGYN appointment since finding out I was pregnant. I went in and filled out the paperwork I needed to fill out and realized this is my fifth pregnancy. Crazy. The nurse called me back and got me settled with paperwork for bloodwork and prenatal vitamin samples. Doc came in and said "So you decided to try again!" and I had to tell him how this one was totally not planned. He asked how it happened and I told him my horndog husband and I couldn't keep our hands off each other and he said "That's sweet." Sweet indeed.
He asked if I'd like to have an ultrasound and I said yes so he told me to get dressed and I'd be the next one in. I spotted a penny on the floor in the exam room, heads up, and I figured that was a good sign. We skipped the external and went right for the internal ultrasound and immediately we saw that flashing light synonymous with a heartbeat. She said "There's the embryo!" and I said "That means baby right?" because I was so excited I actually got confused. Of course it was the baby! And then we got to listen to the heartbeat. It was supposed to be at least 100 bpm and she said it was 117 bpm! Not bad for something that is the size of a lentil (5.9 mm)! I can't figure it out because one ultrasound says both 6w3d and 6w6wd and the other one says 6w5d but she put the delivery date at late February.
I forgot how fun this whole pregnancy thing is! You have two terrible experiences and you don't remember the joy of hearing your child's heartbeat for the first time. Doc said the heartbeat is a great sign and drastically reduces the chance of a miscarriage but I'll be going for another ultrasound on July 29 to make sure everything is still looking good. We're still erring very much on the side of caution so until then, we'll just see where this ride will take us. Hooray for this!


Coodence said...

amen & hallelujah all in one dude.

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Hung said...

Go baby Go!

Lurker Girl said...

So happy for you!! You will be in my thoughts and I'll send good JuJu for a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby!