• 9 weeks today. Jackpot is grape-sized. I'm not barfing and the nausea is easing up. I get full quickly and tired easily. I don't seem to be gaining weight but my tummy feels big so I wear loose flowing dresses now instead of jeans and it's all very unlike me. Casey still thinks my tummy should be his own personal trampoline. I feel super sensitive to everything so I don't really liked to be touched and I feel super guilty about how this affects Husband who probably would like to be more affectionate than I'm willing to be for now though I know this will pass. 12 more days til the ultrasound.
  • I love my Glee program so the news of Corey Monteith (Finn) dying due to heroin use is affecting me in an irrationally profound way. I keep thinking about how much I loved his character and how happy it made me to see him and Lea Michele (Rachel) as a real life couple. Then I start feeling so sad for her because they looked so in love. Then I start wondering how she felt knowing her man was a heroin user when I get super pissed that Husband chews tobacco. Either way, I can't shake it.
  • Then there's the Trayvon verdict. It makes me mad and sad but I don't want to pick it apart any more because what's done is done. I'm sure the letter of the law and how juries make decisions was all well and good but it still sucks. Then I think about how fucked up Florida is and how many terrible news stories come from there. I wonder how on earth the states of this great nation differ so greatly. Shouldn't we all somehow be on the same page? Why is Texas so fucked up with its crazy abortion agenda? Why did I watch Diane Sawyer's news crew buy fucking war-ready assault weapons out of someone's house in Arizona? WTF!?! It all just makes me depressed and angry.


Christine said...

I am so glad the nausea is getting less! Small victories! Oh, and turn of the news. You will feel better. I promise. xox

libelletage.com said...

Glad you are less nauseated. And ditto on the states thing. And the Glee thing. News is such a downer.