Monsters University

For a while now we have been considering taking Casey to his first movie in the theater, a bit nervous about it because he as a rule never sits still. We thought it would probably be Disney's Planes in August but Monsters University beat it to the theaters so we took him this last Sunday. We really wanted to make it a big event for him so we talked a lot about the movie and watched the trailers on our phones with him quite often. On Saturday we went to the Disney store and got a Monsters shirt and some of the little plastic character toys that he lives (and no that's not a typo for loves) to play with. Most of all, though, we really tried to talk to him about what it meant to go to the movies like being quiet and eating popcorn. He was pumped and talked about it all morning long.
We had earned $10 off admission when my folks bought Monsters Inc. on BluRay and we redeemed the points through the Disney Movie Rewards program. A pleasant surprise we got at the box office was finding out that since Casey's under 3, he got free admission. We figured if things went horribly awry we would just walk out, no harm done and better yet, only a total of $3 lost thanks to low matinee prices. Casey did not disappoint. He was thrilled with the posters in the lobby and we walked in the theater just as the previews began so he was stunned by the biggest movie screen he had ever seen already in action. He watched each preview intently and adorably exclaimed "All done" after each one ended. He sat quietly through the Pixar's The Blue Umbrella short that made me well up with tears. He even cheered when the movie began and exclaimed "Monsters Differfity!" Casey sat quietly through the entire film and never once tried to get up or cause a fuss despite the fact that his chair kept folding on him until I put him on my lap. It was no less than MAGIC.
As for Husband and myself, we just loved the movie. I'm sure we were somewhat biased because we were watching it through our son's eyes to some degree but mostly it was just a fun movie to watch starring some characters we already loved and new characters that were easy to love. The cast is exceptional, the animation is extraordinary and the story is really amusing and made us laugh frequently. What was nice, too, is that they could have simply had a nice and tidy happy ending for Mike and Sully but there was a twist that taught a moral without being preachy. I highly recommend it for both children and adults alike. Now we're just waiting to see if Casey's going to pitch a fit when he realizes he can't watch it on demand for a while to come...


Andrea said...

I will never forget going to see "Ratatouille" with W. I'm not sure if that was her first movie going experience, but I kinda sorta think it was. She was so little that she couldn't keep the seat down either so L and I just each held down a corner.

At one point she proclaimed "My butt's checked out!" after she had squirmed around for a bit and L asked her what was wrong. Ha!

Going to the movies with a kid and seeing the magic and wonder in their eyes is one of those beautiful things that I sorta wish I could experience more often. I'm glad I have friends with kids.

Coodence said...

Yay!! I want to do that.

Christine said...

I am very, very excited to see this movie! And I'm so glad that Casey D loved it!