Happy Bump... er HUMP Day

According to babycenter, today starts my 7th week of pregnancy so Suprise (Yes, I named it Surprise.) is the size of a blueberry. I thought I'd take today to update despite Monday's post for a couple of tracking reasons. Today was the first time in my life I have forgotten a medical appointment which leads me to believe "baby brain" is happening already. I voluntarily went in to get my thyroid checked right after I had my first positive pee test a couple weeks ago and then went back today for the full-on pregnancy panel: 6 vials of blood and a sample of urine. My appointment was for 7:45 and I had even emailed the whole office last night saying I'd be late this morning but no. I was early, came in and checked my email to see my missed reminder and headed to the blood draw 45 minutes late. Rad.
I guess this is about the time I start showing so I think maybe this time around I'll take more regular side profile shots to watch the bump grow. I had a little bit of a concern last night because I noticed some darker "discharge" for lack of a better word when I went to the bathroom. Right after my ultrasound on Monday, I had experienced something similar so I was a little concerned but wondered if it didn't have something to do with being penetrated by a wand. Can't wait to see what those last few words generate when it comes to keyword blog searches. When I miscarried in December of 2012, dark discharge was something I experienced but it was much more than this and when I had called the nurses they said to only be concerned if it was heavy, more reddish blood. This is darker, not heavy at all and has all but disappeared as of this morning. I'll keep an eye on it, however, from the reading I've done, it's not exactly abnormal to experience such a thing.
You're welcome for all that, by the way. All the gross. And if that wasn't enough, I will relay to you the story my phlebotomist told me this morning. I noticed there was a lady in the hallway pacing around confusedly with her urine sample in hand so I alerted the staff so they could to direct her to the proper return place. The guy that was not taking my blood but just happened to be in the room said that a lady brought in a urine sample this morning in a plastic grocery bag. Not in a container in the grocery bag, but in the grocery bag itself. When he told her "no" she tried to dispose of it in the waste can in the waiting room at which point he had to tell her "no" again and actually had to instruct her to dispose of it in the restroom. Lord help the idiots that walk among us. And Lord help the phlebotomist lady who took my blood because had she tied that tourniquet any tighter, I may have lost my arm from the elbow down this morning due to complete lack of circulation. 


Coodence said...

surprise. cute.

Gen said...

Normal after wand penetration and dark usually means old. Can't wait to watch the growth progress of Surprise :)

libelletage.com said...

So many fun healthcare moments. Pee in a bag. Rad.