Eleven Weeks

I guess since it's what's on my mind, I will blog about being pregnant today. The fetus is the size of a fig and that makes me laugh because yesterday I ate a fig salad for lunch. I'm pretty pleased that I have all but avoided morning sickness this pregnancy. In fact, aside from that one morning I threw up after eating a plum like it was my last meal on earth, it's been mostly pretty chill in the nausea category although the occasional dry heave/wretch does happen. People keep asking how I feel and the truth is I don't feel bad, I just don't feel really good. Sometimes drinking water makes me feel really gross and sometimes I just want to eat everything in sight and sometimes I don't want to eat at all. Mostly? I just want to sleep. Or lie down. Those two things are incredible.
Being a pregnant mom to a very active nearly-three-year-old has its challenges. There are definitely times when I just want to skip the park after work but Casey will hear none of it and climb into his stroller, essentially forcing me to take him and Betty on a walk that I know is good for me but I just don't want to participate in. He knows to be careful around my tummy now because I tell him he could hurt the baby. He then puts his head on my tummy like he's listening, sometimes talking through the portal that is my belly button then telling me the baby is crying and he wants to go in there. Sorry, son, your time in my tummy is considered served. The other day he asked me where the baby was so I had to explain we have a long wait ahead of us. He talks off and on his brother/sister. It's very cute. Mostly, though, I just wish Casey was as interested in sitting still and sleeping as I am.
On some level I'm sort of concerned about constipation but that's normal at this time. I drink enough liquid to float away and I take fiber supplements so I'm kind of stuck in this department. I also wonder if my body just isn't using every last ounce of nutrients to feed the fetus and that's why I don't really have to go number two so often. I don't feel particularly uncomfortable... yeah... here I am blogging about pooping. I can see why you keep coming back here. Mostly I think I just need to do better when it comes to eating produce but sometimes I just slip in that category. I stinkin' love carbs and dairy, man. There's no getting around it.
There has only been weight loss so far and I'm not actually wearing maternity clothes yet but I have all but discarded the jeans that used to be a daily wardrobe staple. I did pick up the bucket full of maternity wear options last night, though, and may go through it this weekend because I'm tired of wearing the same five things to work every week. I guess now is about the time I start gaining weight but right now I still just look like my same, overweight self. Our next appointment is the Down Syndrome ultrasound screening on the 14th and then I have a follow-up with my OBGYN on the 20th. I suppose we'll officially announce the pregnancy shortly after that although many people already know what's up. I still feel completely in denial that there's a baby on the way. Not sure when reality will sink in.

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Coodence said...

dude! glad you're not booting out the car door on the way to work.