A Mom Thing

Despite feeling so nauseous yesterday that I canceled a dinner date with Miss Kitty, I was talked into taking Casey to the park. Who talked me into it? Well persistent Casey did, of course. He insisted that he go in his stroller despite me telling him mama was sick. When you have to go to the park, you have to go I guess. It's my own fault. I've been taking him to the park down the street after work almost every day for nearly 2 years now so he looks forward to seeing the kids. I can't blame him.
There is one kid in particular that we have been seeing pretty regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays because his sister has soccer practice nearby. He's a couple months older than Casey and his name is Junior. One of the first times they played together, Junior jumped on Casey and kind of split his lip but he apologized and they've been close ever since. It's very cute. Junior even likes Betty and vice versa plus he has a super nice mom I get to chat with about things like potty training.
Last week, we didn't see Junior and his mom either Monday or Wednesday and again this most recent Monday. They were at the park last night and I asked if everything was ok. Funny right? Why should I care? Maybe she just needed a break from the park. I felt a little creepy acknowledging that I missed them. There are always other kids at the park but I like Junior best. It's probably because his dad isn't a crazy Bible banger that's always talking about Christ in my life. Then again, I don't know Junior's dad.
I did finally come to the conclusion after about three weeks to finally acknowledge that Junior's Mom must have a name aside from "Junior's Mom" so I introduced myself. Junior's Mom is actually named Rosie. Now that we've crossed this huge step, I am trying to muster the courage to maybe exchange phone numbers so the kids can have a play date. It's crazy because I feel like this must be what it's like to be a young boy struggling with puppy love and finally getting the courage to ask a girl in his class out on a real date. What do I say? Where will we go? I already know they live near the base and have told Rosie we live near the park. Do I invite her for Casey's birthday cake?
Oh the woes of moms at a park, right?

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Coodence said...

Heh! Good for you dude. Making dates is hard to do.