Weekend Pictures - Mini Road Trip Edition

We stopped for lunch on the way to Mountain View about halfway at the Paso Robles Firestone Brewery. They had a fountain and crayons there so Casey was ecstatic. Food was delicious, too, so Mama and Dada weren't complaining.
We kept Casey happy in the car by promising pool time so the second we got to the hotel, we were in the water. Casey learned how to hold his breath so he spent most of his time under water.
This is Ducky, Christine's kitty, who I rescued from behind our warehouse when he was an abandoned, wee, week-old kitten. He seems to be thriving now. He's kind of the devil so I like him quite a bit.
Alex took us on a winding journey of death through a mountain that nearly sent me to my grave but spit us out at Big Basin which is a Redwood forest. I have never seen bigger trees. It was a lovely treat and the weather could not have been more perfect.
Because Casey was feeling scholarly and never put his animal book down for most of the afternoon, we took a tour of Stanford where Christine and her hubby are both doing post-doc work. Casey was very excited to meet the experimental frogs.
More exciting than that, though, was the fountain (one of many on the beautiful Stanford campus). I had to fight tooth and nail to keep him out of it because he saw the other kids prancing around in the water. He got pool time later so don't feel too badly for him.
This photo was snapped on the long ride home. My handsome, sleepy, gentleman. For all the photos, good and bad and otherwise, click here.


Coodence said...

yay!! great pics, looks like a perfect weekend!

Lisa..... said...

Put that road trip under reasons why I love California!