The One Where When It Rains It Pours

CAUTION: Language ahead.
As if last week didn't suck enough ass, my misfortune seems to have rolled over to this week. It all started on Monday when my mother wanted me to go to lunch with her because my dad had a lunch date. I'm always the fallback when this happens. She proceeded to tell me how mean I was to her when all I do is bend over backward to try and please her. Needless to say, after that remark, I told myself I would not be trying to fix this. Not this time. Not when I am always the one to try to make this stuff right despite my stance in knowing I am not at fault.
Then yesterday rolls around and it is my habit to call her on my drive to work because she loves to hear about my son. But I didn't call her because no. I didn't want to. And the entire day went by and she didn't call me either and even though I was standing my ground, it still hurt like a sonofabitch that she couldn't just put her pride down to call me. Because I am just too damn sensitive for my own good despite this brave and strong front I put up all the time.
Thank goodness for good friends because I was down all day yesterday but Miss Kitty still decided to come over for a drink after work. Her conversation and company lifted my spirits 100%. She left, I gave Casey a bath, put him to bed and settled on to the couch exhausted emotionally from the day's events. Plus work was a bear. Blah. I could hear Casey's cough raging behind his door and then I hear him crying. Yup. He'd barfed all over his bed and himself and the hallway on the way to the toilet. Of course. So I cleaned him up, threw his linens in the wash and scrubbed the carpet before turning in.
Because Husband is not home and I am emotionally needy right now, I sent my dad a text before I went to bed that said it would be nice if I didn't think both my parents weren't talking to me due to the events of Monday. Lo, he showed that text to my mother this morning. Of course he did. So on my drive my mother called and told me my voice was unrecognizable. It's because I caught Casey's cough and I told her as much. She tells me that I need to keep myself and Casey away from whatever was making me sick as though I'm hanging around the germ ward at the hospital in our spare time. Whatever. She tried to act like it was my fault for not talking to her and then out of no where she implied that I told her I hoped she got cancer. What. The. Fuck. I can't even go into the details on this one because it is just so damn absurd.
Why on earth would I say something so terrible? Has the world gone mad? I had to hang up on her because there was just no way. Then Husband got involved and called her and told her to call me even though I will not answer the phone. Just what I need on the hump day, more family drama. I swear to Christ I just want everyone to leave me alone. I have had enough. I keep thinking "Tomorrow will be better" but tomorrow keeps telling me to fuck myself. And PMS this week is just the cherry on top. Hallelujah.

Thanks for paying attention to this depressing cess pool of a blog. God bless you.


Ang said...

i am sorry randi. people suck.

Gen said...

I love you.

Even when you are having a shitty ass day, you still manage to make me smile. So I hope that makes you smile :D

cindita said...

Buck up, camper. I've found that whenever someone is being a douche-bag, it helps me to be grateful that when I wake up in the morning, I'm me and not them.