The One Where I Say Why I Didn't Blog Last Week

  • On Monday, Husband had to sign some paperwork to say he knows there is a chance he may be furloughed for 1 unpaid day a week for 11 weeks maybe in July. I feel like if signing paperwork is involved, this furlough is seeming more real than ever.
    Good news: There is the slim chance the furlough won't happen. We explored options like adults in case it does and found reasonable solutions.
    Bad news: Husband and I were fighting over a job I already hate because it keeps him from us.
  • I kept getting bills from my OBGYN for lots and lots of money and finally I called the insurance to ask what the heck my deductible was and why I even pay for insurance if I have to pay out the ass anyway. I guess the OBGYN wasn't in my network suddenly and no one called to tell me. So I called the billing place and they told me that wasn't the last of my bills and then I had to call the OBGYN office to figure out WTF was going on.
    Good news: I got $587 written off and the OBGYN is actually still in my network, there was just some dumb move/error/godknowswhat.
    Bad news:
    I've still paid a ton and also had to spend a lot of time on the phone haggling over dumb shit that should just be taken care of on its own.
  • I got a crazy mouth infection that has hurt more than anything ever in my life. It felt like I was having an allergic reaction and my cheeks and tongue and throat have been super raw and practically bloody for days now. Today, it seems better but now I have 6 giant taste buds on the front of my tongue that hurt like the dickens.
    Good news: Doc called in a prescription over the phone so I saved my $10 office copay.
    Bad news: Uh, this shit hurts so every drink and every meal has been torture this weekend. Plus I have to take 2 giant pills 4 times a day forever.
  • We had all chipped in at work to give my bosses gift certificates to celebrate 20 years in business. Unfortunately some of my co-workers got all dramatic because I just gave the bosses their cards on behalf of all of us instead of rallying everyone together which is damn near impossible.
    Good news: On Wednesday, we all gathered for cake and the bosses surprised us with Visa gift cards loaded with $100 for every year we have worked here. That's 800 unexpected dollars in my pocket which will be a nice cushion if this furlough happens.
    Bad news: I work with a bunch of baby men that would rather whine they didn't get appreciated than be grateful that I pulled all that shit together for them thus giving me unneeded stress and headaches.
  • Casey got super sick on Thursday and threw up at Maria's. When I picked him up, he was white as as sheet and could barely keep his eyes open. The doctor was double booked and I considered taking him to the ER. Had to leave work on a super busy day.
    Good news: After a nap, he was right as rain. I was able to get back to work.
    Bad news: Having to organize for my parents to care for Casey until Husband could get home from San Diego because I called and told him I could take no more.
  • Had to prep for a garage sale this past Saturday and that involved googling a bunch of stuff and finding prices on Ebay. Very time consuming but this stuff has been sitting in my garage for 2 years now and it has to go.
    Good news: We made $220 at the yard sale despite very little traffic. The garage got cleaned out.
    Bad news: A lost Saturday and we probably have to do it again for the next two Saturdays of the month because the low turnout was due to all the graduation ceremonies this weekend and June Gloom.
That's about it in a nutshell I guess. I'm hoping this week turns around because I'm spent and I think Casey and I are both coming down with a cough.

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