Movie Review Monday

As promised, here is my review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Isn't it nice how I keep my promises? I never want to let you down, readers. I'm stoked you're still around, frankly, after all the emo BS of late. Speaking of emo, I'd say this movie has a heavy dose of it but it was just what I needed on my sick day. I was sure glad I was alone watching it because I cried kind of a lot and I just don't think Husband is down for the high school movies like I am. I loooooove high school movies.
First of all, could I love this cast of misfits more than I did? No. Hermione is all growed up and just as charming and as beautiful as can be. Paul Rudd makes an appearance as a lovable, adorable teacher and simply solidified my love for him as if it was ever in question. I don't know the rest of them, really, aside from reading about them on gossip websites or in EW but they were just great. Just great, I say. These teens are full of angst and have beautiful friendships that melted this cold, dead heart of mine.
In addition to all of that? Epic 80s soundtrack. Beautiful shots of Los Angeles Freeways. Nostalgia-a-plenty. Who doesn't have fantastic memories of how hard it was in high school, how everything seemed so life and death and your first love was everything? Who can't recall driving around aimlessly with their best friends, listening to mix tapes that took agonizing hours to make? Maybe it's because I have been a bit of a trainwreck lately or maybe it's because I am sick but I got very emotionally invested in every bit of this movie and bounced between laughing and crying quite a bit. I highly recommend.


Andrea King said...
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Andrea said...

It's not just you, dude. This movie was PERFECTION. It made me care about every single character and I cried like a baby and loved Charlie and all of them and just....I just cared. You know. All caps CARED.

I cared so much I bought the book and read it to and fro Russia. The book, if you can believe it, is even more perfect. Good lord. So much perfect.

Coodence said...

so good dude. yeah. i loved it too.

Ang said...

i would like to see this movie...will have to rent it.

dirkmancuso said...

I read the book years ago and have been wanting to rent this but wasn't sure how good it would be.

The Fella and I will have to rent it next weekend.