Mmm... Cookies

Once upon a time my super nice friend Cindy brought some delicious cookies to my house when we had a bbq. She said they were Mexican hot chocolate chocolate chip cookies and you know if chocolate is mentioned twice, it's twice as nice. I ate so very many of them and asked her to send me the recipe. She did and I made them for father's day and they did not disappoint nor did they last. Here I will share the recipe for you with Cindy's notes in parentheses and mine in italics.

1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup butter or margarine (I always use butter)
1 tablet of mexican chocolate (for preparing mexican hot chocolate-Abuelita or Ibarra are the most common brands) - Husband had a hard time finding this but in our Vons it's in the ethnic section and it's in a wee octagonal paper package.I think he's used to bottles of Hershey's or something.
1 packet (17.5 oz) sugar cookie mix
1 egg
1 cup (or 6 oz) semi-sweet choc. chips

Preheat oven to 350
In a small bowl mix cinnamon and sugar (you'll use this later to roll the balls of dough in and may need to make a little more). Set aside.
While still wrapped, break up the chocolate tablet into small pieces (i usually use a hammer or the back end of a heavy knife)
In a small pan over low heat, melt together the chocolate pieces and butter, stirring constantly.
In a medium/large bowl, add the sugar cookie mix, egg, and melted butter-chocolate mixture.  Mix gently until it forms a soft dough.  Then add chocolate chips.
Form dough into balls and roll them in cinnamon sugar mixture.  Place on cookie sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes, cool on pan for 3 min, then place on cooling rack. I don't generally use cooling racks, I just take the cookies right off the pan and put them on a sheet of waxed paper. 
After I transferred the cookies from the pan to waxed paper, minus the three minute cooling time, I sprinkled a little more of the cinnamon/sugar mix on top of the cookies for a little extra touch of goodness.

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Christine said...

Dude! These sound SO good! I have always wondered what to do with those hot cocoa disk-thingys!