Here We Go Again

The last two weeks really felt like "What will happen next?" kind of weeks. The week of the tenth, in the midst of emotional turmoil, I made an appointment for a consultation to get my tubes tied. I'd become pretty confident in my decision to stop having children. Two miscarriages in a row will do that to you. It may have been a knee-jerk response to the chaos I was feeling or maybe PMS but I made the decision and Husband was supportive so I was going to stick to it. I had told the lady making my appointment that I would like to come on the 27th because the following week I would be on my period. Do you see where this is going?
Last Friday I went home sick around lunchtime. After a bit of a nap, it dawned on me that I should probably have gotten my period by then so I sort of halfheartedly and nonchalantly took a pregnancy test. Wouldn't you know it, the faintest hint of a second line showed up. I even had Husband take a look and he agreed that line was there. I started to Google to see if stress could make a false positive but was quickly shot down by the Mayo Clinic website. What we all did before Google I will never know but it sure can answer a question in a hurry.
I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to hear a funny joke. I said "Remember how dad was supposed to get a vasectomy and you found out right beforehand that you had gotten pregnant with my brother? Well I have a consultation appointment scheduled so I can get my tubes tied but it seems like I am pregnant." And then I started to cry kind of a lot and I got off the phone and quickly went into denial. It seems unrealistic I could get pregnant so quickly.
You see, I had a D&C after my last miscarriage on April 2 and only got a period the week of May 13. I was "fertile" two weeks after that and apparently since Husband and I can't keep our hands off one another, I got knocked up like two weeks ago. Whenever we have tried to get pregnant, it has taken around 2-3 months. When I throw caution to the wind and am absolutely am not trying? I get knocked up right away. Figures.
BFF and I had talked after the miscarriage and I had said that I'd just have unprotected sex and if I don't get pregnant it's fine but if I did it was meant to be. So here I am, pregnant again. I have an appointment to have my six-week ultrasound that comes along with having prior "complications" scheduled on July 1. Yesterday I got a blood draw to make sure my thyroid levels are good since I heard a friend of a friend tell me she had two miscarriages that she was told may be connected to having thyroid levels that were off. My doctor called me this morning to tell me my thyroid is normal so here's to being calm and optimistic. And here's to hopefully not having to tell you I've miscarried in the next few weeks.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: If you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. Needless to say, I'm sending Husband for a vasectomy RIGHT NOW.


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