Sasha's Birthday Haiku Friday

Hooray for weekends! 
Celebratory sushi
Dinner with my folks
And Sasha is three
So a party tomorrow
Casey wants his cake
Sunday? Not so sure...
Cleaning? Movie? Some swim time?
The world's our oyster


A Good Day

Despite having just drenched my keyboard in coffee, having my dog waking me up at 5:30 because she was barking at a street sweeper and having my son wake himself up by falling out of the bed, it's a pretty happy hump day. Wendy Davis did a hell of a filibuster to stop a ridiculous abortion bill from passing in Texas. DOMA was ruled unconstitutional. Gays can legally marry in California. What a huge triumph! Are we finally headed out of the dark ages? Will the economy be boosted by a boom of gay weddings? I can't wait to see.

Here are some other things that are making me happy today:
  • Pregnancy symptoms like nausea and sore nipples. You might be thinking those sound like bad things but I take them as good signs.
  • I think the Dodgers won their 4th consecutive game last night! 
  • Husband graduated with his Bachelors in Health Science
  • I am still pretty happy from last weekend's wee getaway
  • I am getting a haircut and a pedi on Saturday
  • Going to Sasha's birthday party 
  • Husband coming home tomorrow after 4 days in SD
  • Potentially seeing Monsters University on Sunday
  • A giant chocolate chip cookie sitting on my desk
  • Sunshine and warm weather instead of June Gloom


Weekend Pictures - Mini Road Trip Edition

We stopped for lunch on the way to Mountain View about halfway at the Paso Robles Firestone Brewery. They had a fountain and crayons there so Casey was ecstatic. Food was delicious, too, so Mama and Dada weren't complaining.
We kept Casey happy in the car by promising pool time so the second we got to the hotel, we were in the water. Casey learned how to hold his breath so he spent most of his time under water.
This is Ducky, Christine's kitty, who I rescued from behind our warehouse when he was an abandoned, wee, week-old kitten. He seems to be thriving now. He's kind of the devil so I like him quite a bit.
Alex took us on a winding journey of death through a mountain that nearly sent me to my grave but spit us out at Big Basin which is a Redwood forest. I have never seen bigger trees. It was a lovely treat and the weather could not have been more perfect.
Because Casey was feeling scholarly and never put his animal book down for most of the afternoon, we took a tour of Stanford where Christine and her hubby are both doing post-doc work. Casey was very excited to meet the experimental frogs.
More exciting than that, though, was the fountain (one of many on the beautiful Stanford campus). I had to fight tooth and nail to keep him out of it because he saw the other kids prancing around in the water. He got pool time later so don't feel too badly for him.
This photo was snapped on the long ride home. My handsome, sleepy, gentleman. For all the photos, good and bad and otherwise, click here.


First Day of Summer Haiku Friday

I'm phoning it in
From my Hilton hotel room
Hanging with my boys

A long drive up north
To visit my doctor buds
And fetal Golack

White people tacos
Starting the weekend off right
With my oldest friend


Here We Go Again

The last two weeks really felt like "What will happen next?" kind of weeks. The week of the tenth, in the midst of emotional turmoil, I made an appointment for a consultation to get my tubes tied. I'd become pretty confident in my decision to stop having children. Two miscarriages in a row will do that to you. It may have been a knee-jerk response to the chaos I was feeling or maybe PMS but I made the decision and Husband was supportive so I was going to stick to it. I had told the lady making my appointment that I would like to come on the 27th because the following week I would be on my period. Do you see where this is going?
Last Friday I went home sick around lunchtime. After a bit of a nap, it dawned on me that I should probably have gotten my period by then so I sort of halfheartedly and nonchalantly took a pregnancy test. Wouldn't you know it, the faintest hint of a second line showed up. I even had Husband take a look and he agreed that line was there. I started to Google to see if stress could make a false positive but was quickly shot down by the Mayo Clinic website. What we all did before Google I will never know but it sure can answer a question in a hurry.
I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to hear a funny joke. I said "Remember how dad was supposed to get a vasectomy and you found out right beforehand that you had gotten pregnant with my brother? Well I have a consultation appointment scheduled so I can get my tubes tied but it seems like I am pregnant." And then I started to cry kind of a lot and I got off the phone and quickly went into denial. It seems unrealistic I could get pregnant so quickly.
You see, I had a D&C after my last miscarriage on April 2 and only got a period the week of May 13. I was "fertile" two weeks after that and apparently since Husband and I can't keep our hands off one another, I got knocked up like two weeks ago. Whenever we have tried to get pregnant, it has taken around 2-3 months. When I throw caution to the wind and am absolutely am not trying? I get knocked up right away. Figures.
BFF and I had talked after the miscarriage and I had said that I'd just have unprotected sex and if I don't get pregnant it's fine but if I did it was meant to be. So here I am, pregnant again. I have an appointment to have my six-week ultrasound that comes along with having prior "complications" scheduled on July 1. Yesterday I got a blood draw to make sure my thyroid levels are good since I heard a friend of a friend tell me she had two miscarriages that she was told may be connected to having thyroid levels that were off. My doctor called me this morning to tell me my thyroid is normal so here's to being calm and optimistic. And here's to hopefully not having to tell you I've miscarried in the next few weeks.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: If you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. Needless to say, I'm sending Husband for a vasectomy RIGHT NOW.


Mmm... Cookies

Once upon a time my super nice friend Cindy brought some delicious cookies to my house when we had a bbq. She said they were Mexican hot chocolate chocolate chip cookies and you know if chocolate is mentioned twice, it's twice as nice. I ate so very many of them and asked her to send me the recipe. She did and I made them for father's day and they did not disappoint nor did they last. Here I will share the recipe for you with Cindy's notes in parentheses and mine in italics.

1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup butter or margarine (I always use butter)
1 tablet of mexican chocolate (for preparing mexican hot chocolate-Abuelita or Ibarra are the most common brands) - Husband had a hard time finding this but in our Vons it's in the ethnic section and it's in a wee octagonal paper package.I think he's used to bottles of Hershey's or something.
1 packet (17.5 oz) sugar cookie mix
1 egg
1 cup (or 6 oz) semi-sweet choc. chips

Preheat oven to 350
In a small bowl mix cinnamon and sugar (you'll use this later to roll the balls of dough in and may need to make a little more). Set aside.
While still wrapped, break up the chocolate tablet into small pieces (i usually use a hammer or the back end of a heavy knife)
In a small pan over low heat, melt together the chocolate pieces and butter, stirring constantly.
In a medium/large bowl, add the sugar cookie mix, egg, and melted butter-chocolate mixture.  Mix gently until it forms a soft dough.  Then add chocolate chips.
Form dough into balls and roll them in cinnamon sugar mixture.  Place on cookie sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes, cool on pan for 3 min, then place on cooling rack. I don't generally use cooling racks, I just take the cookies right off the pan and put them on a sheet of waxed paper. 
After I transferred the cookies from the pan to waxed paper, minus the three minute cooling time, I sprinkled a little more of the cinnamon/sugar mix on top of the cookies for a little extra touch of goodness.


Movie Review Monday

As promised, here is my review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Isn't it nice how I keep my promises? I never want to let you down, readers. I'm stoked you're still around, frankly, after all the emo BS of late. Speaking of emo, I'd say this movie has a heavy dose of it but it was just what I needed on my sick day. I was sure glad I was alone watching it because I cried kind of a lot and I just don't think Husband is down for the high school movies like I am. I loooooove high school movies.
First of all, could I love this cast of misfits more than I did? No. Hermione is all growed up and just as charming and as beautiful as can be. Paul Rudd makes an appearance as a lovable, adorable teacher and simply solidified my love for him as if it was ever in question. I don't know the rest of them, really, aside from reading about them on gossip websites or in EW but they were just great. Just great, I say. These teens are full of angst and have beautiful friendships that melted this cold, dead heart of mine.
In addition to all of that? Epic 80s soundtrack. Beautiful shots of Los Angeles Freeways. Nostalgia-a-plenty. Who doesn't have fantastic memories of how hard it was in high school, how everything seemed so life and death and your first love was everything? Who can't recall driving around aimlessly with their best friends, listening to mix tapes that took agonizing hours to make? Maybe it's because I have been a bit of a trainwreck lately or maybe it's because I am sick but I got very emotionally invested in every bit of this movie and bounced between laughing and crying quite a bit. I highly recommend.


Flag Day Haiku Friday

This week was a bust
I've been sick for two days now
Stayed home yesterday
Hard to rest at home
Work emails on my cell phone
And home chores to do
Watched a movie though
Perks of Being a Wallflow'r
Review on Monday


The One Where When It Rains It Pours

CAUTION: Language ahead.
As if last week didn't suck enough ass, my misfortune seems to have rolled over to this week. It all started on Monday when my mother wanted me to go to lunch with her because my dad had a lunch date. I'm always the fallback when this happens. She proceeded to tell me how mean I was to her when all I do is bend over backward to try and please her. Needless to say, after that remark, I told myself I would not be trying to fix this. Not this time. Not when I am always the one to try to make this stuff right despite my stance in knowing I am not at fault.
Then yesterday rolls around and it is my habit to call her on my drive to work because she loves to hear about my son. But I didn't call her because no. I didn't want to. And the entire day went by and she didn't call me either and even though I was standing my ground, it still hurt like a sonofabitch that she couldn't just put her pride down to call me. Because I am just too damn sensitive for my own good despite this brave and strong front I put up all the time.
Thank goodness for good friends because I was down all day yesterday but Miss Kitty still decided to come over for a drink after work. Her conversation and company lifted my spirits 100%. She left, I gave Casey a bath, put him to bed and settled on to the couch exhausted emotionally from the day's events. Plus work was a bear. Blah. I could hear Casey's cough raging behind his door and then I hear him crying. Yup. He'd barfed all over his bed and himself and the hallway on the way to the toilet. Of course. So I cleaned him up, threw his linens in the wash and scrubbed the carpet before turning in.
Because Husband is not home and I am emotionally needy right now, I sent my dad a text before I went to bed that said it would be nice if I didn't think both my parents weren't talking to me due to the events of Monday. Lo, he showed that text to my mother this morning. Of course he did. So on my drive my mother called and told me my voice was unrecognizable. It's because I caught Casey's cough and I told her as much. She tells me that I need to keep myself and Casey away from whatever was making me sick as though I'm hanging around the germ ward at the hospital in our spare time. Whatever. She tried to act like it was my fault for not talking to her and then out of no where she implied that I told her I hoped she got cancer. What. The. Fuck. I can't even go into the details on this one because it is just so damn absurd.
Why on earth would I say something so terrible? Has the world gone mad? I had to hang up on her because there was just no way. Then Husband got involved and called her and told her to call me even though I will not answer the phone. Just what I need on the hump day, more family drama. I swear to Christ I just want everyone to leave me alone. I have had enough. I keep thinking "Tomorrow will be better" but tomorrow keeps telling me to fuck myself. And PMS this week is just the cherry on top. Hallelujah.

Thanks for paying attention to this depressing cess pool of a blog. God bless you.


The One Where I Say Why I Didn't Blog Last Week

  • On Monday, Husband had to sign some paperwork to say he knows there is a chance he may be furloughed for 1 unpaid day a week for 11 weeks maybe in July. I feel like if signing paperwork is involved, this furlough is seeming more real than ever.
    Good news: There is the slim chance the furlough won't happen. We explored options like adults in case it does and found reasonable solutions.
    Bad news: Husband and I were fighting over a job I already hate because it keeps him from us.
  • I kept getting bills from my OBGYN for lots and lots of money and finally I called the insurance to ask what the heck my deductible was and why I even pay for insurance if I have to pay out the ass anyway. I guess the OBGYN wasn't in my network suddenly and no one called to tell me. So I called the billing place and they told me that wasn't the last of my bills and then I had to call the OBGYN office to figure out WTF was going on.
    Good news: I got $587 written off and the OBGYN is actually still in my network, there was just some dumb move/error/godknowswhat.
    Bad news:
    I've still paid a ton and also had to spend a lot of time on the phone haggling over dumb shit that should just be taken care of on its own.
  • I got a crazy mouth infection that has hurt more than anything ever in my life. It felt like I was having an allergic reaction and my cheeks and tongue and throat have been super raw and practically bloody for days now. Today, it seems better but now I have 6 giant taste buds on the front of my tongue that hurt like the dickens.
    Good news: Doc called in a prescription over the phone so I saved my $10 office copay.
    Bad news: Uh, this shit hurts so every drink and every meal has been torture this weekend. Plus I have to take 2 giant pills 4 times a day forever.
  • We had all chipped in at work to give my bosses gift certificates to celebrate 20 years in business. Unfortunately some of my co-workers got all dramatic because I just gave the bosses their cards on behalf of all of us instead of rallying everyone together which is damn near impossible.
    Good news: On Wednesday, we all gathered for cake and the bosses surprised us with Visa gift cards loaded with $100 for every year we have worked here. That's 800 unexpected dollars in my pocket which will be a nice cushion if this furlough happens.
    Bad news: I work with a bunch of baby men that would rather whine they didn't get appreciated than be grateful that I pulled all that shit together for them thus giving me unneeded stress and headaches.
  • Casey got super sick on Thursday and threw up at Maria's. When I picked him up, he was white as as sheet and could barely keep his eyes open. The doctor was double booked and I considered taking him to the ER. Had to leave work on a super busy day.
    Good news: After a nap, he was right as rain. I was able to get back to work.
    Bad news: Having to organize for my parents to care for Casey until Husband could get home from San Diego because I called and told him I could take no more.
  • Had to prep for a garage sale this past Saturday and that involved googling a bunch of stuff and finding prices on Ebay. Very time consuming but this stuff has been sitting in my garage for 2 years now and it has to go.
    Good news: We made $220 at the yard sale despite very little traffic. The garage got cleaned out.
    Bad news: A lost Saturday and we probably have to do it again for the next two Saturdays of the month because the low turnout was due to all the graduation ceremonies this weekend and June Gloom.
That's about it in a nutshell I guess. I'm hoping this week turns around because I'm spent and I think Casey and I are both coming down with a cough.


National Doughnut Haiku Friday

Talk about drama
This week has been full of it
Please, today, be calm
Niece is two today
After work, we will party
Or at least have cake
Tomorrow, Sunday
We're having a garage sale
The fun just won't stop


Movie Review Monday

The only problem with this movie is that header right there on the poster: "The Sort-Of Sequel to Knocked Up." No, no, no. That is the reason why so many people had lots of not nice things to say about this movie which is actually quite good if you know what you're going into. Sure, we met Paul Rudd's family in Knocked Up but This is 40 has very little of the same style of comedy as that movie. I would say if you go into this movie with the same kind of mindset you would go into with another Apatow film like Funny People you should be okay.
What I liked about this movie is how easily I could relate to it. You could feel the balance of love and hate between Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd as a very believable married couple. Their children (played by Mann & Apatow's real-life daughters) stole the show by being both amusingly funny and heartbreaking. That's what makes this movie great. How real it felt. I went from laughing to crying several times during this movie and I can only think that the negative comments about this movie have to be coming from single, childless people who really don't know how simultaneously wonderful and terrible being a spouse and a parent can be.

*Side note? I love how Husband's comments still live on in those links I provided for my older movie reviews. Sigh.