Spring Is Here

It's sure weird to be given a topic of what I should blog about but I'll run with it. I suppose Spring really is here and as I look out the window I see the trees whipping violently to and fro with the arrival of Santa Ana winds. It's supposed to be in the 90s in Oxnard for the next few days which is practically unheard of but I won't be outside enjoying the warmth because I fear both blowing away and drying up and turning to dust. This also means Betty will not be walked and thus will be even more high strung than usual. Rad.
Weather has been heavily on my mind because next week we will be in Michigan and I have yet to be in Michigan where the weather has been "nice." We decided to go there in May instead of for Christmas because I thought I would be either pregnant or with a newborn by the time December rolled around. Silly, Randi with your uninhabitable womb. Also, my mother-in-law and I share a birthday on May 12th and this year May 12th happens to land on Mother's Day so it seemed like a good time to plan a trip and meet our new niece. Plus, no snow. Right? Cuz it's Spring?
Wrong! As late as the last week of April there was snow falling in Michigan! Casey and I just don't seem to be snow people so needless to say I have been sort of anxious about the weather. I guess it's in the 80s now but they just got through a seriously torrential rainstorm that flooded my in-laws' basement. Oh, Michigan. Why? I guess what this all boils down to is that I really take for granted how insanely awesome the weather is in Oxnard and there is a reason I moved back and decided to make it home again.


Jessica said...

I take the weather for granted, too. I shouldn't, but I do.

Coodence said...

That's just not fair dude. Snow, in April. Just not fair. I bet it will be gorgeous when you're there though.

I got ten bucks that says it will.