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Talk about something that is in the news today.
A Powerball winner hit a $590.5 million over the weekend so I guess I will tell you the first ten things I would do with that money:
  1. Pay off all my current debt
  2. Save and invest a good chunk
  3. Spoil the immediate family 
  4. Get Husband a new car
  5. Paint and repair our house
  6. Fix up the yard
  7. Take the whole fan-damily to Disneyworld for at least a week
  8. Make sizable charitable donation to Parkinson's research 
  9. Buy a whole new wardrobe
  10. Have a spa day for me and my girlfriends - The Works! 
How about you? What would you do with that kind of money?

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Andrea said...

1. contact a financial planner to set me up with a good trust fund that I would have access to each year so I don't run out of money by doing the rest of this list.

2. Pay off all of my current debt.

3. Have my financial planner figure out a nice trust fund for my family members so they can use the money in responsible ways.

4. Get me a new car.

5. Pay someone to paint the house and cover the wallpaper.

6. Travel wherever the hell I want for as long as I want and eat all of the desserts and drink all of the Coke.

7. Donate to LFSV for even though they laid me off I still believe in what they are doing for the world.

8. New clothes, yes!

9. Nice things for my friends anytime the urge hits me.

10. Set up my new dude guy friend person with a business so he can work on getting settled in here full time. But he would still be my pool boy for that is just fun times.