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What are your top 5 favourite albums and why? 
I'm going to revise this a bit because I'm not album specific for the most part. Mostly I just dig artists so here goes.
  1. Britney Spears - When I was 25, my first long-term relationship ended and I was inconsolable even though I saw it coming a mile away. For some reason I had picked up a Britney CD at the used CD store and I was in love. She made me laugh and dance and feel empowered so she will always be a favorite. Christine took me to her concert around that time and I knew I would be gay for her for a long time. Britney, not Christine, although both are equally lovely.
  2. Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane was very poignant in my second long-term relationship and boy did I groove to that CD. I still love it. However, after that dude, I married Husband and the first concert we went to was Maroon 5 at the Santa Barbara Bowl for what I believe was the Hands All Over tour. It was for his birthday and Casey was only a couple months old and I think that was our first date after our son was born so yeah. Sentimental.   
  3. Garth Brooks - I really fell in love with Garth when I was living with my friend Beanie. We'd listen to country and drink red wine and laugh and cry. Garth's music is never bad. Ever. I would die to see him in concert.
  4. Queen - I feel like I have liked them since Bohemian Rhapsody 21 years ago in Wayne's World and never stopped liking them. Now Casey really digs them because the Muppets have used them in several online shorts and commercials that he fell in love with. They've totally influenced so many artists along the way (like fun.) and I really can't stop loving them.
  5. Man this is rough... I guess this would be more of a genre thing because I want to include Madonna and Michael Jackson together. My last on the list would be any music from the 80s. For a long time I collected CDs of just 80s music and artists because I had a dream of having an all-80s radio station. Now Sirius and Pandora do that for me so I'm out of a job but I still have a ton of 80s music at home if you ever need any.  

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