Life's A Lesson

Boy am I behind on the every-day-in-May blogging! We got back from Michigan on Monday night late (thanks for the LAX shuttle action, BFF!) and yesterday was playing catch-up like a madwoman all day at work. Today's topic is:

What is the single most important lesson you have ever had?

My response to this would be never to expect to go on vacation with a toddler and think you are going to rest or that your return to work will be a seamless experience. We sure had a fun time with the fam-bam but it was not much of a break for me. Casey got a cold the night before we left that didn't go away until we got back to California so there was a lot of snot and clinging to mama for seven days straight, about 24 hours a day. He does earn bonus points for being a champion on the airplane both ways this time, though! If you want to see pictures, I have a bazillion of them organized nicely in a Michigan set on flickr already.

OK! Back to work!

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libelletage.com said...

Well hopefully you also had a good time for your birthday and mother's day?