Who inspires you? Are they close to you? Somebody famous? Or even somebody infamous?

My inspiration has always come from my friends, specifically Christine & BFF. I would say more-so them than my own parents. When I was young, my parents really stressed a strong work ethic but I was inspired to go to and finish school because I watched my best friends do it. BFF has two masters degrees and Christine has a PhD so obviously they're a bit more hard core than I am with my late-in-life bachelor's degree but they're still the reason I kept on keeping on.
Same goes for traveling. I never lived out of state but they did and I wanted to go and visit them whatever the cost. I would have never gone to London had BFF not been going there for school. That trip inspired us both to travel to Germany shortly thereafter. New York, Philadelphia - all because of them. I felt so brave back then hopping on an airplane alone and navigating taxi cabs and subway systems and trains just to see things I had never seen before. 
They both in their special way inspire me to learn more and be more. To watch what I eat and move more. To be a better mom. To be a better friend. I don't know who I would be without these two very special women in my life.  

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Christine said...

Awww! You're so wonderful! I am truly inspired by you on a daily basis. xoxo