Favorite Traditions

We all make up traditions that carry over year after year. What is your favourite tradition? Big or small, share the details and why you enjoy it.

My dad has been a Dodgers fan ever since they were in Brooklyn and he was just a little boy in North Dakota. Because of this, we were all born bleeding blue. There was never any other option, we were simply Dodgers fans at birth. We have been going to Chavez Ravine for as long as I can remember and I don't know when it became a tradition, but my parents started taking me every year on or around my birthday. That tradition continues to this day but since I was in Michigan for my birthday we are going on Sunday the 26th this year.
The picture above was taken on May 10, 2008 at one of my birthday games. Over the years I have brought a guest, usually my brother Curtis, sometimes one of my girlfriends. This year, my guest was Husband. He and I had only been officially dating for less than a month. Mind you, we'd met up several times over the course of a year and had been communicating for ages online but we had only just made it official with I Love Yous a couple weeks before this game. 
Prior to this game, we had put Kiyah in Christine's parents' backyard so she'd have space to safely roam around. I couldn't leave her at my folks' because their yard basically leads onto a golf course and I couldn't leave her locked in my tiny apartment. We got to the game and about halfway into it we got a call saying Kiyah had escaped. Needless to say, a lot of the game was trying to make sure we could get her back when we got back to Oxnard. Near the very end of this game, Husband asked me to reach into his pocket but I declined to do such a thing in front of my parents. 
A little later he mumbled something about me being his wife or something of that sort and I realized he was proposing to me. No jumbo cam involved, just us and my folks in our seats. Boy did I cry! And when we got back home we were able to retrieve Kiyah from a neighbor and our story ended well. That was probably my favorite birthday game ever of all time and another reason why Chavez Ravine is pretty much the happiest place on earth for me aside from Disneyland.  

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