Dream Job

If you could do anything in the world to make a living what would it be?

This might ruffle a few feathers but if I could make a living being a stay-at-home mom/keeper of the home, I think I would sign up for that in a heartbeat. Feminists fought to get women into the workplace and I definitely dig working but there are times when I am riddled with guilt because I am not spending the majority of my time forming my son into the man he will one day become. While I have the utmost confidence in Maria's ability to do this while I'm at my 8-5 job, I wish I was the one that without a doubt heard his first words, saw his first steps or had the satisfaction of knowing I was the one that initiated the potty training business we're deep into at the moment. 
Being a mom is where I derive the most pride in what I am doing. I see my accomplishments when Casey is polite or hilarious. I am very satisfied with the way I can run my household. Not only can I get everyone out of the door on time, I dig making appointments to make sure all the basic housekeeping as well as our physical wellness is being handled. I love how it feels after I've cleaned my entire home to my liking and if I have time to wash my own car, I am always very happy with what I have done. Balancing a checkbook and paying bills promptly and seeing my hard work reflected in a good credit score? Kudos to me.
So yeah. That's me. Basic to the core. 


Christine said...

I would want you to run my household too! You are WAY better at it than I, my love :) xoxo

Andrea said...

Personally I think feminists fought for the rights of women to just do what they want to do instead of what "society" expects them to do. But that could just be me. So if what you want to do is work at the home and put all of your energy there, go for it!