Catchup Haiku Friday

Internet was down
Like the dark ages at work
All day yesterday
I missed my blogging
So below you'll overdose
Cuz I'm catching up
Fun weekend ahead
The Strawberry Festival
Friends coming over

Saturday the 4th "Five Fave Blogs"
Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?
1 - Coodence's World: BFF's blog because she got me started  
2 - Adventures In Science: My oldest friend in the world! 
3 - Pant's Optional: Not only a bridesmaid, a daily IM companion
4 - Ly Family & Friends: Real life buddy with a cutie patooty daughter
5 - Hommemaker/Too Disgusting...: A good way to keep up with some sassy gays
But really? I love all the blogs I link to and check them daily.

Sunday the 5th "Fit and Healthy"
What do you do to stay fit or be a healthy individual? Share any useful tips and advice. Or tell us about your plans to get healthier.
Mostly I just walk the dog and chase my two-year old around. I should do more and will. I need to jump back on the diet plan now that I'm on the wrong side of 30. I'll likely start up again Monday.

Tuesday the 7th "Pets"
Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present. 
  • Samantha the cat
  • Ona the Akita mix
  • Cuddles the white bunny
  • Tippi the best mutt ever
  • Kiyah the husky malamute 
  • The Cat - must I say more?
  • The bunny I killed with a couch aka Bubba
  • The bunny that still lives with us aka The Bun
  • Betty
Wednesday the 8th "First Job"
Tell us about your first job. Did you love it or was it horrendous?
My first paid job was babysitting and I loved it and continued doing it for about 20 years. My first "real" job was Hallmark. What wasn't to love?

Thursday the 9th "Favorite Social Media Channel"
Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can't get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why.
I love and hate Facebook with a passion. I'm digging Instagram a great deal. Those 2 are my main go-to time killers.

Friday the 10th "Travel Dreams"  
If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
Right now? It would be anywhere but Mayville Michigan. Ideally I would love to go see more of, if not all of, Europe. 

Saturday the 11th "Book Love"
Tell us about your favourite book. Or maybe give us a top 5 of the books that changed your life.
My all time favorite would have to be To Kill A Mockingbird but right now I would just love to get through any book uninterrupted by my very busy life. I stinkin' love reading.

Sunday the 12th "Collecting" 
Are you a collector? Maybe a bit of a hoarder? Tell us about something you like to collect. Or if you favour minimalism, perhaps tell us why?
As far as collectibles go, I love getting crosses and miniatures from friends who travel. I also pick up magnets for the fridge when we go to special places.

Monday the 13th "Go Green"
Talk about being green, eco-friendly or ethical. What do you do to make a difference?
I totally recycle and try not to get bags when I don't need them. In general, we are a pretty conservative family.

Tuesday the 14th "Food Glorious Food"
Share your favourite recipe. Talk about the best cocktail you've ever tasted. Or maybe share you fave restaurant experience. Lets talking about food!   
I love all food. I can't really expand on this. I love the delicious as well as the social aspect of it. My ideal date is dinner or going out for beers. I think that wraps it up. 

Yesterday's Topic:
What is your ideal way to pamper yourself and relax?
Massage, mani, pedi, haircut in that order.
Today's Topic:
Describe or photograph your walk to work. Or journey to work if you use transport. Is it pretty or incredibly dull? Can you find something of interest on your way?
I have a 3-mile drive to work. It's down one of the busiest streets in Oxnard. I turn one corner to drop Casey off at Maria's. I turn another corner and pass an elementary school where there is always someone not using the crossing guard at the crosswalk to cross the street. Then I sit at 5-points which is a five point intersection that is the longest light in Oxnard. Then I drive through a hideous industrial area and arrive at my office. Yah, baby. Glorious.

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