Weigh-In Wednesday

Well you guys are never going to believe this but I am still fat! Haha. I'm down .2 from last week, 1.6 overall. This is week 6 and I believe there are two more weeks to this challenge but I can honestly say I checked out about week 2. Let's talk about weighing in here for a second. I weigh in the same time, same place, same scale every week. Every week I get about 5-6 different weights. They're all pretty much the same but why is my scale so stupid? Good question. Moving on.
I think it was the day after my procedure when I last walked Betty at the insistence of my son and I was pretty winded. Last night we walked again, in the wind and everything, and I did much better. I have this idea in my head about exercising to my Wii dancing game or maybe doing a yoga DVD but I just haven't gotten there yet. Heck I even have a Wii fit I could turn on but no. I just haven't. On top of that, I just hired a cleaning lady to come every other week so I can't even pretend like I have chores that will count as exercise. I did, however, detail our truck like my life depended upon it on Saturday so there was some effort exerted.
I definitely need to get back to bringing food to work because I have been eating out like every day and that's not good for the wallet or the waistline. I didn't lose any weight when I quit drinking beer so drink beer I shall. I also have to keep my hand out of the candy dish at work. These are simple things. Eat less and better. Move more. This isn't rocket science.

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