Weigh In Wednesday

Looks like I haven't gained since last week and I did get a pedi so all is right with the world. Yesterday was my D&C so I'm not sure how that affects weight since I'm all bleeding and shit. All I know is I didn't eat anything all day yesterday except for a delicious In-N-Out double double, a Neapolitan milkshake and some fries right after my procedure and then later I had a soda and some broccoli salad for dinner. I had had some water in the morning and apparently broke the cardinal rule of anesthesia. Who knew? Either way, I survived my procedure although I did tell the nurse if I died during it to mark "She drank water" on my headstone. I'm on recovery mode right now so there won't be much exercise in my life for a little bit.
Yesterday before we went to my afternoon appointment, Husband and I went to the new REI to kill some time and keep my mind off how damn hungry I was. I thought I'd be brilliant and try on some bathing suits and it was all just sad hilarity. These were XLs and I looked like a stuffed sausage. Couldn't even get the wee size 14 board shorts over the ol' thighs. Might as well hate myself more while grieving  and starving eh? Jesus Christ.
This morning I went to get my haircut and had some good laughs with my beautician. Stopped by the doctor for my RH negative shot. Visited new mom Gen for some newborn time. Even got to feed baby Ethan a bottle and hold him for a good hour of nappy time. Then I hit Anaba for some solo sushi and a nice cold Sapporo. I'm having a nice Stone IPA and some Cadbury mini eggs while I type this before I take a nap. I am trying to avoid being sad and am just trying to be grateful for what we have. Life goes on you know? Gotta let go of the shit that holds you down.


Gen said...

Glad you came by! I totally would have gone with you for some sushi - YUMMO

Christine said...