Weekend Wrap Up

This would be called "Weekend Pics" but I forgot my camera at home. Ah, well. What can you do, right? After work on Friday, the three of us went over to Christine's folks' house for an anniversary barbecue. I brought the gift of a bottle of wine for the married folks which is a good thing because when we got there her dad was drinking wine out of a box. Ha! Classic. The lemon bars made fresh from lemons off our tree were a hit as was the company and the conversation. Casey did great going potty at someone else's house save for the one golf-ball turd in the chonies he produced while we were eating dinner. At least it wasn't messy.

Saturday we went to my nephew's little league game at 8 a.m. (why?) and I got to watch a couple innings while Husband and Casey played at the nearby park. It's very hard for me to root for his team since he is playing for the Giants but I suck it up and do it anyway. When we got home the sun was shining so we let Casey strip down to his birthday suit for some backyard fun time in his sandbox and pirate ship that we fill with water. Always a good time watching the nudist play. I baked another batch of lemon bars to bring down to LA and then Christine and I went for much needed pedicures.

We woke Casey up for his nap to depart our home at 3pm and it took nearly two hours to get to BFF's house which is normally just an hour's drive. I wanted to murder people in Malibu but when we finally arrived we were met by many friends and ice cold beer so all was once again right in the world. We had a good ol' sausage fest accompanied by yummy side salads; once again the lemon bars were a hit. After much outdoors play, I found out I am quite good at cornhole. The kids wanted nothing to do with bed time and managed to stay up past the double digits. They were just so darn cute and happy so it totally didn't matter one bit. Frankly, I thought it was adorable how they'd go from snuggling on the couch watching Disney movies in their PJs to running out to the backyard in them to sneak s'mores by the fire. So, so nice.

Sunday Husband had the brown bottle flu. We did muster the strength to take Casey and Betty for a morning bike ride but the sun decided it wanted to stay behind the clouds so that led to a mostly lazy day. I managed to basically slice the tip of my thumb off while prepping a bagel so Husband had to put me back together after my attempts at bandaging myself back up failed miserably. We all took long naps and watched movies and rested which was wonderful. Our night was closed out with a visit from Christine and Alex and it was the perfect end to a lovely weekend. It would be nice if all of our heavily planned weekends between now and June go off as well as this one did.

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Erin Aylsworth said...

I sliced the tip of my left (non-dominant hand) index finger off back in February while Ryan was away, and my SNAFU led me to the ER because I am a big baby. I still favor it and have a strange, tingly feeling at the tip, as though it has fallen asleep. I can't pick up coins on the table with that finger, but have hope that someday I will not even think of it.

You sound better than a week ago. Glad the weekend was a fun one, despite the BB flu. ;)