Potty Talk

Maria has been really encouraging Casey to use the wee training potty at her house for some time now. However, when Casey is at home, he basically refuses to participate in potty time. He's quite stubborn when he wants to be. Because I am a mom of the internet age, I have done a lot of reading about potty training and the theme seems to be the same: don't pressure them, they'll do it when they are ready. A friend's pediatrician (and I'm paraphrasing here) said "You can start potty training early and they'll be trained by 3 or you can just train by 3 and they'll be done more quickly." Because of this, I haven't really exerted tremendous effort and have respected when Casey has not been willing to partake of the potty.
Yesterday when I picked him up from Maria's she told me he had been adamantly against putting a diaper on and had been using the potty and chonies all day. I thought that was great news but didn't expect too much once we got home. When we did get home I knew we had to walk Betty and that he hadn't gone potty in about 40 minutes so I asked him if he wanted to use the potty before our walk and he totally did! It was magic! Then about an hour after we got home I asked if he needed to use the potty again and he did and there was nary an accident to be had.
Because it was late and he absolutely must wear a diaper to bed, I figured this was kind of a fluke but I was still super excited about it and posted it to Facebook. Apparently potty training is kind of a big deal because so many people were "liking" his progress as well! So this morning when I took off his super full peepee diaper, I asked him to sit on the potty and he peed and all was well in the world. He absolutely would not let me put a diaper on him so we did chonies. Before we left for work about an hour later, I asked him to potty again and he did and I just couldn't have been a prouder mommy.
When he pees, he tells me "I did it!" and I say "Yeah you did!" Then he says "You're happy!" and I say "Yeah I am!" Then we sing and dance and high five and celebrate. It's sort of wonderful. And I kind of dig it because I don't have to bribe him yet with candy or treats. Yesterday he had to ceremoniously flush a square of toilet paper down along with his business which sort of made me laugh. Whenever I go to the bathroom, he watches me and when I finish he says "You did it, mama!" and he flushes the toilet and we are all very proud of our accomplishments and toilet time. And why shouldn't we be? Next step: poop and eventually standing to pee. God help us.


Christine said...

Do little kids stand to pee? I had no idea....

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libelletage.com said...

Ha ha! That is cute.
I wish i could dance around with my teenagers over small victories.