Perfect Storm

Last night Casey just had a bad night of sleep. There was a lot of crying and coughing for a few hours in his own bed and then he brought it into mine. I have to assume it was congestion because he had a snotty nose this morning. From the middle of the night until we woke up there was coughing, crying, tossing and turning which meant not much sleep for any of us. It's kind of him to share. Thanks to all of this, I woke up tired with a headache, a bad attitude and ended up running a bit behind schedule.
After my shower I thought I should give the Bun a carrot because I feel I neglect him. When I went out there armed with treats, I saw that he had no water. Neglect confirmed. That meant I had to add another step to my morning to refill his water bottles so I was more behind. While I was in the back yard, I looked around and saw many, many piles of poop that I had to clean up because it's gardener day! More behind. Then I hear Casey scream so I yell at Betty because I know she's to blame and she decides to pee on the carpet and I get to clean it up. More behind.
As if that wasn't enough, Casey had a diaper full of poop that obviously needed to be changed before I headed out the door to work. I am going to rename him Old Faithful because it never fails that if I'm running behind, he has shit himself. Luckily, it didn't turn into the shit storm we experienced at my brother's house on Monday when he was wearing his big-boy chonies. I asked him at least every two minutes if he had to potty and the answer was obviously no because he was too busy wreaking havoc with his cousins. Shortly into our visit, I noticed his shorts were wet so I went to change him on my niece's pretty purple changing table and was greeted by a huge, stinky load that looked just like melted chocolate. Ever try to peel off a poopy pair of underpants? It's a real mess, trust me on this. Poop all down his legs, under my fingernails, falling on the floor. Parenthood, man. It's a real treat.
Hump day has passed but here's the MORAL OF THAT STORY: I deal with enough literal poop in my home life that I shouldn't have to deal with any figurative poop. DON'T MESS WITH ME.
Have a nice day.

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