National High Five Day

You may have noticed that I didn't blog about my weight yesterday although I had kind of dubbed that day "Weigh-In Wednesday" for some time now. The truth is, I quit the diet group. Mainly it's because I am not dieting or exercising and it seemed foolish to stress myself out every Wednesday by looking at the same number that's always there. I also had to step away from the wee message boards that were sort of full of snack shaming. I know those ladies are actually trying but I just don't see the sense in feeling bad about yourself if you want to have a milkshake after you've been working your ass off. So it was better if I just disappeared.
Disappearing actually sounds nice to me right now. I am really gun-shy about making plans or hanging out with people outside of my immediate family and I'm not sure why. I'm super comfortable sticking close to home and just being with Husband and Casey. Maybe it's a side-effect from all the weirdness of the last few weeks. Husband had an unexpected trip to the ER. I miscarried. Talk of furlough was thrown around although nothing has come of it yet. Casey had his dental procedure. Add to that the bad news of bombings and factory explosions and I'd just like to hide for a minute.
Because there is all this sadness and weirdness, Husband and I decided that we were just going to say "to hell with it" and take Casey to Cars Land at California Adventure on Saturday. Soon the weather will be warmer than we'd like and the summer crowds will be pouring in. There's a limited window before Casey turns three and we'll be forced to pay his price of admission. I'm not going to stress about the money we may or may not have. I let our cleaning lady go today after only two visits because I can't justify spending money on something I'm capable of doing myself. Soon the medical bills will be pouring in so for just one day, we're going to forget it all. I think we deserve this.


Christine said...

Dude! You totally deserve to stick it close to home. Makes a lot of sense. One thought of comfort I have had is that a lot of really crappy stuff happened when we were kids, and we knew nothing about it because our parents never exposed us to it. Live through Casey's eyes and the world's a much better place. And CARS! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see the pictures! xoxo

Coodence said...

judging by the list you just sent me, it seems like you must have changed your mind about sticking close to home? anyways have fun at the theme park!

Andrea said...

My house counts as close to home. Yes it does.

Enjoy the weekend!!