We finally got around to watching Lincoln this weekend after several weeks of having it in our home. While this movie was very educational, it was sort of super boring. What I mean by that is, the dialogue spoken in this film was quite eloquent. You could tell that screenplay was worked on out of absolute passion for the subject matter. The costume design and sets all seemed to be quite representative of the time. The roles were exquisitely cast especially the surprise cameo by James Spader but of course the incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis as Abe himself.
As a history lesson, I found myself entranced by the movie. Who knew "Honest Abe" was so shady? He really toed the line of almost breaking the rules to get the 13th amendment passed! However, as a movie, I found myself just a little bored at times. Not a lot of action to be found in this one but there is enough talking to last you for a while. That being said, I really liked it but I don't think it's for everyone. And I can see why it lost to Argo for best picture. It simply didn't have the same kind of wow factor. It was nice to be reminded why Honest Abe is my favorite president though. 

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Coodence said...

Totally. Probably will skip it.