End of the Month

  • I really wanted to post weekend pictures but Blogger is being a bitch so if you want to see them you can click here. Damn me if I didn't have my camera when I was visiting with Christine but did I get a picture of her wee baby bump? No. No, I did not.
  • Since she is a wise doctor and has experienced the same thing, Christine diagnosed my excruciating foot pain as plantar fasciitis. Sounds about right to me. I have tried the inserts in my shoes for some time but haven't gotten any results. Next step is trying the stretches I suppose. While I was getting my foot massage during my pedi on Saturday, I didn't know whether to cry or kiss the lady for initially hurting my feet then eventually alleviating the pain.
  • Last night Casey was taking a bath and he sort of rose up out of the water and was on his hands and knees. From the righteous stink of his earlier farts, I deduced he was about to drop a deuce. I immediately responded with "No no no! We do that on the potty!" and lifted his naked ass out of the bath and plopped him on the toilet. Lo, the poop was made and Casey promptly tried to flush it down the toilet but I stopped him so I could take a picture of it and send it to Husband. I think a line may have been crossed there... I'm not super proud of myself.
  • May is tomorrow! I simply have no idea where the time is going and why it feels like it needs to go so fast. A week from today we will be boarding a plane. This weekend we have two parties to attend. Next weekend we'll be celebrating Mother's Day and my and my mother-in-law's birthday in Michigan. The following weekend is the Strawberry Festival. The weekend after that is our anniversary dinner celebration and a Dodger game. Thank God we'll have Monday the 27th off for Memorial Day to recover from all of these exciting good times. I mean DANG... It's not even May and it's already June!

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