California Adventure Wrap Up

We had a free weekend last weekend so I had tossed around the idea of going up north to see Christine but with Casey having just had his dental procedure I wasn't so sure he'd love being in the car for basically eleven hours over the course of three days. I finally threw caution to the wind and decided to buy tickets to California Adventure. While I was checking out online, they offered $100 off if I signed up for the Chase Disney credit card. Why not? So I did and on Saturday we got up at the crack and headed on down to Anaheim.
I swear I'm so lame because I start crying the second I see the Disneyland freeway exit. I stinkin' love it there. We went specifically for Cars Land and it was so aweseome. It looked just like the movie and boy have we watched that movie a zillion times. It was amazing. The rest of the park was practically deserted by 2 pm and half the rides we just walked right on with no wait. Since our visit last May, they had new Monsters Inc. and Little Mermaid rides and I love love loved them (all our pictures are here). Casey did great in the lines we had to stand in and loved the rides. Although he completely avoided napping he never lost his cool. He did, however, fall asleep about half an hour after we left the park at 6 pm and basically slept until the next day. 
Casey was all decked out in his Lightning McQueen shoes, a Mickey Mouse outfit and a Mater hat so the employees kept giving him stickers and buttons and other park goers showered him in praise for being such a cutie. He refuses to eat when we go anywhere so he basically fueled himself on goldfish crackers all day. We packed our lunches and really didn't spend more than $40 the whole day. It was just what we Fridays needed. On the way home, Husband realized that it was exactly 5 years to the day since our weekend at Disneyland and the anniversary of the first time we exchanged those three beautiful words that we still can't stop saying to each other: "I Love You." If that's not just absolutely perfect, I simply don't know what is.

 Casey meeting Lightning McQueen
 Casey on a tractor (Moo! Pffffffffth!)
Casey fist bumping his best friend Woody.