Argo Fuck Yourself

After all the hype around Oscar season in regards to Ben Affleck being snubbed for the Best Director nomination and Argo winning best picture, I was very excited to watch this one. I had one good friend tell me it was boring and another tell me it was fantastic so I really had no expectations one way or another but I can happily say I fell into the latter opinion. Not only was Argo beautifully directed and bursting at the seams with great performances, it was also original and felt very fresh to me. All the accolades surrounding it were well warranted. Argo was suspenseful, had a historically accurate feel in my opinion and intertwined moments of sheer hilarity and sheer terror seamlessly. I haven't seen a Ben Affleck movie I haven't loved.
When I think back to my schooling, I feel ashamed when I watch movies like this and it has to be a history lesson for me. As I watched the embassy being stormed by activists I felt sick to my stomach. When the hostages were walked blindfolded into a dark room with guns aimed at them, my heart ached. Watching the planning and execution of a basically doomed and impossible escape had me pacing around my living room. I laughed and cringed and cheered... Frankly I can't believe this actually went down in real life. Not only was I entertained, I was impressed. Good show, Ben Affleck. Good show indeed.

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Andrea said...

Gawd. I even hated the whole "Argo fuck yourself."

This movie was boring.

Love you.

The end.