Wreck-It Ralph

As someone who considers the release of a Disney movie an "event," it's still shocking to me that I never got around to seeing Wreck-It Ralph in the theater. It was a no-brainer that we were going to buy it on DVD so when it was released this past Tuesday, I sneaked (snuck isn't a word? weird.) out on my lunch break to buy it for us to enjoy at home. We're on a pretty heavy rotation of either Madagascar movies, How I Met Your Dragon (aka How to Train Your Dragon) or other heavily-viewed Disney flicks right now so a new movie in the mix is definitely worth the money. I really didn't know what to expect other than this was a video game movie and so I thought it'd be perfect for my little boy. However, after viewing, I came to realize this is pretty great for the girlies too!
I really had to twist Casey's arm to get this thing into the DVD player because he's apprehensive about new things but once it was on, he was hooked. Ralph is a bad guy in the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game and after 30 years of doing his bad guy job, he has decided he wants to know what it's like to be a good guy. He bounces around in the video game world to sort of see how his fate is going to play out. It's colorful, the soundtrack is actually quite fresh and the story is both fun and sweet. A lot of retro video game characters make cameos and when you pause the DVD, a gamer guy comes on with neat trivia tips and tells you what to look for in the movie. Neat! The cast's voices (full of many of my favorites) are easily recognizable to movie buffs and the actors are well-suited to their characters. I recommend this one big time and if you need proof, I've watched it twice in two nights by my own choice. Take that, Casey! 

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