Weigh-In Wednesday

Well I can safely say that the scale isn't going to get any lower. I'm up .6 since last week but still down 1.4 since we started 4 weeks ago. And yes, my pedicure looks like hell but I'm going on Saturday so please don't judge me. I really thought by now I'd be plagued with morning sickness but it seems to be quite the opposite. I actually feel nauseous when I'm not eating and I feel hungry all the time. This leads to sort of excessive snacking and a salad at lunch just isn't cutting it. I'm still trying to drink gallons of water and make good choices with snack food but I can obviously do better.
I'm also struggling with constipation so that scale fluctuates within a pound or two every other day. I figure I'm probably not going to lose weight until after mid-November and this whole weighing myself business is getting sort of stressful and tiresome. And speaking of tired? All I want to do is sleep. So while we took the dog to the the park yesterday and I play pretty hard with the boy, actual exercise is just not happening. I told the group this would be my last weigh-in and I'm just going to try and be healthy and happy and stress-free and focus on being the best mom I can be to Casey and the bean.
I am very excited because two of my very closest friends (NOT BFF) are both pregnant making us all due within a few weeks of one another. My mind goes back and forth in confidence about this pregnancy but finding out three of us are preggo makes me feel a little more optimistic. I also take comfort in the fact that at around 6-weeks there is no blood, I'm tired and hungry, peeing constantly, boobs are sore and pregnancy brain seems to be starting. This morning it was impossible to get out the door in time for work and when I finally got Casey to the sitter I started freaking out that I didn't shut the dog door so I had to run back home making me totally late for work. Naturally, the door was shut, by the way. My work may be suffering because of my lack of attention span as well as absolute confusion most of the time. So there's all that. 5 more days to the ultrasound and then I'll feel much better.

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Coodence said...

Dear BFF's blog readers:

It's not me, I'm not one of the pregnant two.