Weigh-In Wednesday

Up .6 since last week but down two pounds since three weeks ago. I'm not even sure why I'm still doing this competition because obviously I'm not dieting or trying to lose weight. I sort of fell off the healthy eating wagon the last couple of days but I went to the store last night to stock up on salad and fruit again. I am still drinking a ton of water but I sure enjoyed the root beer I had with lunch yesterday. I'm sort of astonished that I have completely cut out beer from my life for over two weeks now and I'm still not losing. I was positive that was the reason I was a great big fat person. Just goes to show me. Still haven't mastered exercise but I did walk Betty last night and a couple times over the weekend. Yup. That's that.
I went to the OBGYN on Monday and I was flattered when she put the scale on 150 first instead of jumping straight to the 200 bar. Maybe that means I'm not as fat looking as I think I am. It was nice to see that even though I had shoes and a sweater on, her scale still said 226. At least I know my scale at home is pretty close to being right.

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