Weigh In Wednesday

Last week's weigh-in was 222.4 and today's weight was 220 for a total loss of 2.4 pounds. I gotta say, I should get pregnant more often if this is the way it's going to be. So what did I do differently? Exercise was pretty much the same as it has always been. We walked Betty Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I can't really recall Thursday and Friday but since Casey was home sick I don't think we did much in the way of walking. On Sunday, I worked in my flower bed for upwards of 2 hours. This consisted of twisting a shovel all over that mo-fo to break the soil, lots of digging up of plants and digging holes to put them in and squatting which I can still feel in my hamstrings. Then when all was said and done, I had to go over the whole thing with a manual tiller cultivator to get that soil nice and loose. A workout? I'd say.
As far as diet changes, I gave up candy February 13th and since then I have had only 6 wee Cadbury mini eggs. I had given up beer as well but that really didn't kick in like I thought it would until I saw those two lines on Sunday afternoon. Let's face it, I was drinking a LOT of beer so cutting that out is going to have an impact. I also won't be able to default to soda when we go out to eat because I have to limit my caffeine intake and I'm not really a fan of caffeine-less soda-pop. I drink minimal juice so looks like it's mostly going to be water and my two wee cups of coffee in the morning. If morning sickness kicks in though? It's Classic Coca-Cola for breakfast all the way (that's a wee trick I learned last time).
I'm trying to do what the nurse told me to do when I was pregnant with Casey and that is to have one meal a day be a salad. I stocked up on lunch stuff and healthy snacks on Sunday. Lots of veggies to enhance the pre-packaged salad plus a hard-boiled egg in addition to the chicken for more protein. Fruit and a handful of nuts for snacks. Drinking lots of water. Carbs have been cut way back as have dinner portion sizes. This week I've had bagels for breakfast since Monday but usually I stick with my tiny bowl of oatmeal to help my cholesterol. This weekend I didn't have bacon with breakfast like I usually do.  My nerves are sort of shot and I have a cold so my appetite is pretty suppressed right now so snacking is minimal. And there you have it.

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