Weekend Pics

Casey was sick with a tummy bug from Thursday until yesterday so we needed to stay pretty close to home. Since that was the case, we hit Lowe's on Saturday morning and stocked up on supplies to get to work on our yard. Most importantly, I wanted to uproot and relocate some existing plants in my flower bed. I tilled the soil and planted 3 rows of hearty flowers including 2 rows of marigolds because they are supposed to ward off pests. And they also have a strong cultural significance for Indians and Mexicans - two of my favorite peeps - holler!  Then I spent way too much time churning my bunny's poop into liquid fertilizer for further enrichment. Glamor.
Husband's task was to fix up the bunny's cage. It was the least we could do after using up all his poop I guess. Before, the cage was pretty uneven so Husband sawed off the legs on the bottom to make it a bit lower and more stable. Then, using about 4 cans of spray paint, he transformed it from old, green, chipped paint into this barn looking thing. Pretty sweet, right? We call our house Rancho Viernes (Friday's Ranch) so this seems pretty fitting that we have our own barn for our barnyard animal.
On Sunday I had to go to the store to stock up on good eats for the Spring Into Fitness challenge so I threw on some workout pants and a hooded sweatshirt. No makeup, hair not done. Probably looking like a hot mess, actually. Anyway, I go to the checkout and I'm feeling the front pouch of my hoodie to make sure my money and keys are still in there. The lady doing the bagging says "You're almost ready right?" and I respond "Ready for what?" realizing, dear God, this woman thinks I'm pregnant. So I say "Oh, I'm not pregnant, just fat." and she's mortified and the cashier is shocked and everyone's backpedaling. It was pretty hilarious. So I go home and tell Husband this story and he says "Wait, shouldn't you have gotten your period this weekend?" and I say "Oh." and proceed to the restroom to take a pregnancy test...
I'm not telling Facebook until I hear a heartbeat so if you're here and there with me, then let's just keep this here on the blog ok? We're only 4-weeks and this little Poppy Seed has a long way to go but you guys know all my baby secrets. It's too much to keep inside. Right now it's just family and you guys and my bosses because we have a small company I need to look out for.

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Lurker Girl said...

oh my stars!! Congrats!!!