Weekend Goings On

This weekend was a mellow one for the most part but most notable was that Husband and I found a new babysitter and decided to make a date. Bossman had given me a gift certificate in December to Suzanne's Cuisine in Ojai and we thought we should celebrate last weekend's good news with a nice dinner out.  We usually eat here about once a year for a very special occasion and the food is just divine. I'll lay out everything we ate:
In lieu of my usual bottle of wine I had a sparkling juice and Husband had a couple bottles of Firestone.
For appetizers, I got a creamy butternut squash soup and Husband got the shrimp spring rolls. We split the special escargot and I'm very proud of Husband for being adventurous here. The best part of the escargot is dipping the freshly baked olive bread into the pesto, oil mixture. To die for.
For my main course I had the moistest pork tenderloin drizzled in two delicious sauces with a side of beautifully roasted red potatoes and assorted fresh vegetables. Husband went with the equally mouthwatering Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and assorted fresh vegetables.
For dessert we each enjoyed our own delicious cup of their coffee (decaf for me) and split the Creme Brulee. If I'd had room, I'd have gotten my own dessert but I was just too full.
Thanks to the gift certificate, dinner (plus tip) was only $50 out of pocket. We sat on the patio next to the fireplace and had a long and relaxing meal with plenty of sweet conversation about the future. However, when I really looked around the restaurant, I saw that aside from the wait staff, there was not one person of color there. Very bizarre.
Last weekend I told you how the lady bagging groceries saw me in my tummy-pocketed hoodie and asked if I was pregnant. I thought about her and that crazy exchange a lot throughout the week. On Sunday, we went back to Vons and she was there so I pulled her aside and said, "Suki, remember last weekend how you asked if I was pregnant?" and she blushed a bit. I told her "Well, you were right. I went home and took a test." She immediately gave me a high five and exclaimed "You're having a girl!" to which Husband immediately exclaimed in return, "No!" She reached into her shirt and pulled out a chain with a medallion of the Virgin Mary and said she knew it. I told her to pray for us and she said she would. Then as we were leaving she gave me the biggest hug which is sort of strange since I only know her as the bag-lady at the market but also very sweet. It's nice that story had such a cute little happy ending. Hopefully Suki's prayers will help keep this 5-week old Sesame Seed going.


Coodence said...

Neat dude!

Ang said...

i love the bag lady at vons!