Tummy Update

Because I journal things to be able to look back I'm briefly writing down the results of my blood tests. The doctor called this morning and as of Monday my levels were 6700. After extensive googling, I found a chart that says if my levels are as such and I saw a sac, I'm likely around 5w3d along as of Monday. Late ovulator it is. I won't know more until Monday April 1 when we go for our next ultrasound. I'm just going to keep praying and asking everyone I know to pray for me since everything else is out of my hands. My doctor is very dry and has a blunt bedside manner so I know he's just telling me the facts. He said "we're doing our best" and basically told me to relax. So, I will try. He said things seemed normal so that's just how I will have to leave it for now.

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Gen said...

I also love the doc - even though his office staff can infuriate me at times! I'm not going to tell you not to worry because I know it's impossible. I worried every single day, even after Ethan was born. Having a miscarriage and then getting pregnant again can be a jaded experience. Just continue to do what you're doing - think positively, eat healthy, enjoy Casey, enjoy life. There's a reason things happen and for some, we never know what they are BUT you are currently pregnant and should be enjoying it :)