Tipping The Scales

Three big worries I need to spin into positive. Ready? Go!

We got the good news that we will be getting a pretty big retro-pay on Husband's veteran's benefits and after that our monthly income will increase by about $100. Then we found out that he is going to be furloughed from 4/26-8/21 and will lose a day of pay a week during that time equaling about 20% of his wages lost. I have currently have an outstanding 401K loan that deducts $100/paycheck but that loan is paid off at the end of next month so that will be $200 more a month we didn't have for two years. Luckily, Husband also has a GI bill that gives us extra money for the next couple months for his schooling. While we won't break even, we won't be as deep as we thought we would be. Plus at least this furlough is temporary and he can maybe use his extra day off looking for work that would keep him in Oxnard permanently. His benefits are pretty awesome for a pregnant lady so he could be out of work and we could be totally fucked.
Furlough has been postponed two weeks. Thank goodness for nice news.

I haven't been nearly as happy as I should be that I'm pregnant because I am absolutely terrified. It's terrible having a miscarriage and I had no idea it would bleed over into this paranoia for my current pregnancy. This is what we wanted and I'm glad we are pregnant. I have a good doctor and he is rooting for me. I can't let the fear win. I went into the ultrasound and the blood test with expectations and I knew I shouldn't have. The results didn't meet those expectations but they weren't bad news and I need to be more positive.

What can I say about the boy? He's in the throws of terrible twos so he's quite bossy and very stubborn. Sometimes he and I fight like cats and dogs whether it is about eating food, going to big boy bed or trying to peepee on the potty. But? He's also so smart and so funny and so sweet and most importantly, usually in great health. And last night, praise the lord, he even stayed in his own room all stinking night. It's the little things.
We found out recently that he needs some pretty extensive dental work so I got pretty down about all that but here's the positive:
1.) We have insurance.
2.) The dentist offers a 12-month same-as-cash financing plan.
3.) With fixed teeth, infection is less of a worry and if he is in pain this will alleviate that.
4.) His dentist is super nice and they are amazing to work with.
5.) Casey's grandparents want to help us pay for some of this.

Things really could be so much worse. I've got a strong marriage and actually like my husband. While my neighbor across the street lies at home dying, I'm reminded that my family is all in good health. Sure Husband's work can eat a bowl full of dicks right now but at least he is employed. Sure he lives in San Diego but at least he has a dope roomie that let's him crash there for free. Sure we had a flat tire on Sunday but it was only $7.50 to fix. Sure we had a busted tire the week before, but the tire shop brought that shit in, gave us a free one for now and we may end up getting it gratis if the manufacturer finds it's their defect. So while things might not be great, maybe I need to remember they could be absolutely terrible.


Andrea said...

I'm happy you are seeing some positives! Yay!

Christine said...

sometimes you just need to count your blessings! xo

Coodence said...

Tippin the scales, ho! Nice!