Movie Review Monday

Since we are catching up on Oscar-nominated movies, we rented The Master. All three leads were nominated and Husband and I both agree that their performances definitely warranted those nominations. After seeing the movie, however, it is no surprise that it was not nominated for Best Picture. The story has Phoenix's soldier fresh out of war and completely dysfunctional: he drinks paint thinner, is practically a sexual deviant and has a hot temper. In a drunken stupor, he stumbles onto a docked boat upon which Master (Hoffman) and his wife (Adams) are celebrating their daughter's wedding. Something happens off-screen and when Phoenix wakes up from his blackout, he's fallen into the good graces of Master who wants to take him under his wing. What happens after that has been pretty loudly compared to Scientology and is basically a secret look into the introduction process of a sect/cult. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to the story than that. Husband wondered if maybe it needed to be edited to nothing because of those Scientology comparisons. There's no big climax, no mystery... nothing. And then the damn movie just ends leaving you speculating about what you just saw and wondering if the strange relationship Master and the solider share has some homo-erotic undertone and what the heck the point of that whole movie was supposed to be as there was zero resolution to zero conflict. We were both pretty disappointed in this one. And to top it off, Joaquin Phoenix isn't even hot in this movie so you can't even that one little morsel to walk away with. What a bummer.

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it was totally disappointing.