Celeste and Jesse Forever

Entertainment Weekly is my primary source for all things movie-related so I trust them pretty implicitly. They had nothing but nice things to say about Celeste and Jesse Forever so I threw it on the queue. It was written by Rashida Jones who I am a big fan of thanks to The Office (even though she kept Jim and Pam apart) and Parks and Recreation (Anne Perkins!). And of course there's Andy Samberg who has proved to be quite likeable on SNL and as a member of The Lonely Island. He plays her husband, once her childhood best friend, whom she is now separated from and/or divorcing.
These two are the perfect couple that just didn't work out because he's a bit too immature and she's a bit too rigid. They're trying to maintain their friendship but they're sort of freaking out their friends in the process because their closeness as exes just isn't natural. He lives in the studio behind her house for goodness sakes. A big something happens and the two of them are basically forced to move on from one another although it is obvious to everyone that it isn't really what either of them wants. This is where the heartbreak comes in. Jeeeeeeesuuuus, you guys, I cried like a baby. Husband said "If you want to say what I think in your review, say I think it's a big damn bummer."
I think we have all had the relationship where we know something just isn't right but we keep on fighting for it because it's so comfortable. I had mine in my early twenties and boy could I relate to some of the drama these two had while letting go. There's a particular scene where they basically both know it's over but have one last kiss and a quick cuddle and it hurt to watch; you can ask my Husband who watched me bawl. He thought this movie was too hipster but it's about a young couple in Los Angeles so, really, it had no choice to be otherwise. I liked it but I think there is a reason I don't watch rom-coms... I simply get way too invested.

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Andrea said...

Good lord...just reading your review made me a bit sad.