Good Haiku Friday

Good Friday today
Means little to me really
But I'm off at 3!
No big plans ahead
Target, a pedi, Easter
I don't mind at all
Paid off some big bills
Furlough was postponed and tweaked
Ultrasound Monday


Marriage Equality

Yesterday afternoon a "friend" on Facebook posted some picture of a man and woman saying that was the way God intended marriage. Shortly thereafter he posted some nonsense about the only reason we have genitals is to procreate not just to get off. Normally I hide shit like this or ignore it but against my better judgment I responded. Naturally, that ended up in a stupid, pointless debate with an ignorant person that would not just stay on topic. Eventually, my blood was boiling and I was pretty much sick to my stomach being faced with the ignorance that exists beyond my circle of normal, educated friends.
To give you an idea of how heated this debate got, later in the evening I got a text message from someone that said the following: "Dude, I can't believe how many ignorant people there are out there. I saw all the back and forth on V's FB post and all I can say is wow and you go girl!" For someone to take it off Facebook and bring it to me personally says quite a bit I think. I decided to put the phone down when I got home from work and came to the realization that I need to hide said individual and really make an effort to spend far less time on social networking sites when it comes to things like equal rights for homosexuals and birth control/abortion rights for women.
This blatantly highlights how people pick and choose what they want to follow in the bible. If you're going to pick this one thing and hang on to it so tightly, then behave accordingly with the other antiquated garbage that's in there. And when it comes to constitutional rights and unconstitutional discrimination, leave the bible out of it. Catholicism and Christianity do not run the United States of America, democracy and the United States Constitution do. I'm not religious and am a lapsed Catholic, but Jesus just wanted us to love one another and treat each other kindly. I think he'd be super disgusted with all the bigots out there using him and his dad to keep homosexual couples from being able to receive the benefits of marriage the rest of us are entitled to. That's what this is about. Civil rights. Human rights. Period.


Weigh-In Wednesday

Well I can safely say that the scale isn't going to get any lower. I'm up .6 since last week but still down 1.4 since we started 4 weeks ago. And yes, my pedicure looks like hell but I'm going on Saturday so please don't judge me. I really thought by now I'd be plagued with morning sickness but it seems to be quite the opposite. I actually feel nauseous when I'm not eating and I feel hungry all the time. This leads to sort of excessive snacking and a salad at lunch just isn't cutting it. I'm still trying to drink gallons of water and make good choices with snack food but I can obviously do better.
I'm also struggling with constipation so that scale fluctuates within a pound or two every other day. I figure I'm probably not going to lose weight until after mid-November and this whole weighing myself business is getting sort of stressful and tiresome. And speaking of tired? All I want to do is sleep. So while we took the dog to the the park yesterday and I play pretty hard with the boy, actual exercise is just not happening. I told the group this would be my last weigh-in and I'm just going to try and be healthy and happy and stress-free and focus on being the best mom I can be to Casey and the bean.
I am very excited because two of my very closest friends (NOT BFF) are both pregnant making us all due within a few weeks of one another. My mind goes back and forth in confidence about this pregnancy but finding out three of us are preggo makes me feel a little more optimistic. I also take comfort in the fact that at around 6-weeks there is no blood, I'm tired and hungry, peeing constantly, boobs are sore and pregnancy brain seems to be starting. This morning it was impossible to get out the door in time for work and when I finally got Casey to the sitter I started freaking out that I didn't shut the dog door so I had to run back home making me totally late for work. Naturally, the door was shut, by the way. My work may be suffering because of my lack of attention span as well as absolute confusion most of the time. So there's all that. 5 more days to the ultrasound and then I'll feel much better.


My First Muslim Funeral

On Friday I haiku'd about having a pedicure scheduled for Saturday but shortly after I posted that, Husband called to inform me our neighbor had come over to let him know her father died. Because our neighbors are Muslim, they bury their dead as soon as humanly possible. There is no embalming process so things need to be done right away. He had died sometime either Thursday night or Friday morning and the funeral would be held on Saturday at 3.
Why was I going to my Muslim neighbor's funeral you might be asking. Well, my parents lived in the house I live in now when I was just a baby. Shortly after that, they moved my grandparents in and they lived there for another 30 years. I have known Ismet and Suleyman since I was a wee girl and since they never had grandchildren of their own, they fell in love with my brother and me. I remember they had a long haired dog named Fluffy or Fuzzy who always wore a barrette and I thought she was the best dog ever. They were always out front working on their meticulous lawn and never hesitated to smile and wave whenever we saw them.
Their daughter, Suki, moved in with Suleyman when Ismet went blind and started falling into dementia. After her mother passed, she stayed on and took care of Suleyman until he died last weekend due to internal bleeding and a series of strokes. As if her hands weren't full enough already with her own parents, she always made time to check in on my grandparents as they grew older and my grandfather's health began to fail. When I moved in with my family, Suki always made a point to wave as she drove by or to come by with extra fruit or vegetables from their garden. That family is really one of the nicest on our block and we're really lucky to have them as our neighbors so it was the right thing for my family to attend the funeral for Suki.
So I attended the funeral and women were required to wear a headscarf which is something I have never done but did out of respect for the dead. We were ushered into a room where there was a stainless steel table in front upon which Suleyman was lying, shrouded in a sheet from his feet to his neck, head exposed. This is the first time I have ever seen a dead person but he really did look like he was sleeping and frankly looked about the same as when I saw him getting the mail only a week ago. After viewing the body and paying respects, the woman were escorted to one side of the room, the men to the other. Suleyman's head was covered, a grate was placed over the body and an embroidered blanket was laid across the grate. A gentleman who I am assuming was some sort of prayer leader said some nice words in English and what I assume was Arabic.
The body was then driven to the burial site. The women were asked to stay well behind the men as we all walked behind it. The body was lowered into the grave only shrouded in the sheet, no coffin. Only the men were allowed to surround the grave. Then, a couple of the men took a ladder down to turn Suleyman's body toward Mecca. They climbed out and a concrete cover was placed upon the body as is required by California law. The men took turns throwing dirt into the grave then moved away and turned their backs to allow the "sisters" to do the same. It was my first time at an actual burial service and I have to say it was all very civilized and very fast. I'd be surprised if the whole thing lasted an hour. After the Bar Mitzvah a week prior, I'm feeling very cultured lately. Easter's got nothing on these two events.


Weekend Pics - SB Zoo Edition

Casey looks so happy on the choo-choo even though his dada in the background has an expression on his face that more suits how the rest of us felt about it.
Here's Casey going down the astroturf hill on a piece of cardboard. He did great with dada but ran into a tree when I tried. Awesome mothering skills.
Sasha is a great climber....
 Casey not so much.
 The look of disgust/curiosity on Sasha's face has to do with the long black tongue of the giraffe...
...who just so happens to be pregnant. Mazel Tov!


As Young As You Feel Haiku Friday

Fun weekend ahead
Tomorrow, pedi for me
Gran turns 88
Sunday it's the zoo
With the Bhallagrass homies
Santa Barbara, y'all! 
Spring is really here
Flowers blooming and sunshine
And the pool's heated


Tipping The Scales

Three big worries I need to spin into positive. Ready? Go!

We got the good news that we will be getting a pretty big retro-pay on Husband's veteran's benefits and after that our monthly income will increase by about $100. Then we found out that he is going to be furloughed from 4/26-8/21 and will lose a day of pay a week during that time equaling about 20% of his wages lost. I have currently have an outstanding 401K loan that deducts $100/paycheck but that loan is paid off at the end of next month so that will be $200 more a month we didn't have for two years. Luckily, Husband also has a GI bill that gives us extra money for the next couple months for his schooling. While we won't break even, we won't be as deep as we thought we would be. Plus at least this furlough is temporary and he can maybe use his extra day off looking for work that would keep him in Oxnard permanently. His benefits are pretty awesome for a pregnant lady so he could be out of work and we could be totally fucked.
Furlough has been postponed two weeks. Thank goodness for nice news.

I haven't been nearly as happy as I should be that I'm pregnant because I am absolutely terrified. It's terrible having a miscarriage and I had no idea it would bleed over into this paranoia for my current pregnancy. This is what we wanted and I'm glad we are pregnant. I have a good doctor and he is rooting for me. I can't let the fear win. I went into the ultrasound and the blood test with expectations and I knew I shouldn't have. The results didn't meet those expectations but they weren't bad news and I need to be more positive.

What can I say about the boy? He's in the throws of terrible twos so he's quite bossy and very stubborn. Sometimes he and I fight like cats and dogs whether it is about eating food, going to big boy bed or trying to peepee on the potty. But? He's also so smart and so funny and so sweet and most importantly, usually in great health. And last night, praise the lord, he even stayed in his own room all stinking night. It's the little things.
We found out recently that he needs some pretty extensive dental work so I got pretty down about all that but here's the positive:
1.) We have insurance.
2.) The dentist offers a 12-month same-as-cash financing plan.
3.) With fixed teeth, infection is less of a worry and if he is in pain this will alleviate that.
4.) His dentist is super nice and they are amazing to work with.
5.) Casey's grandparents want to help us pay for some of this.

Things really could be so much worse. I've got a strong marriage and actually like my husband. While my neighbor across the street lies at home dying, I'm reminded that my family is all in good health. Sure Husband's work can eat a bowl full of dicks right now but at least he is employed. Sure he lives in San Diego but at least he has a dope roomie that let's him crash there for free. Sure we had a flat tire on Sunday but it was only $7.50 to fix. Sure we had a busted tire the week before, but the tire shop brought that shit in, gave us a free one for now and we may end up getting it gratis if the manufacturer finds it's their defect. So while things might not be great, maybe I need to remember they could be absolutely terrible.


Tummy Update

Because I journal things to be able to look back I'm briefly writing down the results of my blood tests. The doctor called this morning and as of Monday my levels were 6700. After extensive googling, I found a chart that says if my levels are as such and I saw a sac, I'm likely around 5w3d along as of Monday. Late ovulator it is. I won't know more until Monday April 1 when we go for our next ultrasound. I'm just going to keep praying and asking everyone I know to pray for me since everything else is out of my hands. My doctor is very dry and has a blunt bedside manner so I know he's just telling me the facts. He said "we're doing our best" and basically told me to relax. So, I will try. He said things seemed normal so that's just how I will have to leave it for now.

Weigh-In Wednesday

Up .6 since last week but down two pounds since three weeks ago. I'm not even sure why I'm still doing this competition because obviously I'm not dieting or trying to lose weight. I sort of fell off the healthy eating wagon the last couple of days but I went to the store last night to stock up on salad and fruit again. I am still drinking a ton of water but I sure enjoyed the root beer I had with lunch yesterday. I'm sort of astonished that I have completely cut out beer from my life for over two weeks now and I'm still not losing. I was positive that was the reason I was a great big fat person. Just goes to show me. Still haven't mastered exercise but I did walk Betty last night and a couple times over the weekend. Yup. That's that.
I went to the OBGYN on Monday and I was flattered when she put the scale on 150 first instead of jumping straight to the 200 bar. Maybe that means I'm not as fat looking as I think I am. It was nice to see that even though I had shoes and a sweater on, her scale still said 226. At least I know my scale at home is pretty close to being right.


Tummy Tuesday

When I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago, I made an appointment for today. Then I did some research and saw that a friend of mine who had also miscarried got to have an early ultrasound with my doctor so I rescheduled the appointment for yesterday instead since that was the day the technician was in the office. Yesterday, based on my last period, I was about 6-weeks along and at that time there is a very good chance you can see the heartbeat on an ultrasound. My doctor confirmed as much and decided to send me for one. He told me beforehand that if we heard a heartbeat the chance of a miscarriage drops to about 3% but it wasn't exactly uncommon to not see anything this early in the game. I love my doctor because he is very straightforward and he even gave me a quick smile this time so that was comforting.
The technician first tried externally but had no luck so I had to do a trans-vaginal instead. She was able to see the gestational sac but not much more. What this means is that I may have ovulated late and maybe I'm not as far along as I'd thought I was. Since my periods are pretty regular, I have to assume this is the case. A little googling on Baby Center comforted me when I saw this was not unusual. Plus, I have a mom mentor I go to about such things and she said she had a very similar experience with two of her three boys. I was sent for a blood test immediately after my appointment so we could confirm levels and all that. Basically a pregnancy test just tells you you're pregnant but the blood will say a little more definitely how far along you are. After five vials of blood and a cup of pee, they should have everything they need and I should have results early tomorrow morning.
Aside from all of this scientific shit, I still have that irrational fear that something terrible will happen again. I keep feeling my boobs to see if they're still sensitive so that I have some kind of symptom to cling to. I peed on another strip last night just to make sure those 2 lines are still showing up. Since I pee constantly, this is no inconvenience for me. I don't have morning sickness although maybe I won't at all since all pregnancies are different. I know I am moody as hell but that could have something to do with me being stone cold sober for the first time in about two years. I'll cling to the fact that there is no blood in my underwear. I'll use that wee gestational sac image as a beacon of hope until I go in again on April 1st for a second ultrasound. And I will try to stop being such a nervous wreck. 


Movie Review Monday

End of Watch is a perfect example of how a movie can be (in today's standards) a "mere" 109 minutes long and be ripe with a fantastic story line, have lots of realistic action and be loaded with emotion. From what I understand, this movie didn't have much of a life in theaters but it was raved about so I threw it on the queue as I am prone to do. Plus, who doesn't want to have a reason to watch Jake Gyllenhaal be a super hot cop? Lots of other familiar faces in this movie as well and Husband and I finally came to the conclusion we have never seen Michael Peña ever be less than awesome in any role we have seen him play.
The movie follows two accomplished young cops on and off their beat in ghetto Los Angeles. Gyllenhaal's character is doing a side project where he is filming his "day job" even though it goes against the cop code so it has sort of a documentary feel to it most of the time. He and Peña stumble upon some seedy human trafficking and everything sort of goes to hell. I am very glad I didn't see this in the theater because I was literally yelling at the screen and jumping out of my chair to pace around our living room. The suspense is palpable and the dialogue has a very authentic feel to it that really draws you into the deep relationship and brotherly bond that these two characters share. While it's often quite graphic and violent, it's an excellent movie and I really do recommend it if you don't mind feeling totally sick to your stomach with anticipation. Very, very good.


True Confessions Haiku Friday

Tried to take Casey
To my nephew's baseball game
Last night. A tantrum.
Nephew sleep-over
and pizza party tonight
Cuz I love my boys
And then tomorrow
Bar Mitzvah in the Valley
For some Jew JuJu



Inspired by a post I just read I thought I would take a moment to reflect on family drama. About ten years ago I decided that after spending most of my 20s in Los Angeles, away from my family, I wanted to move back home to Oxnard. When Husband and I got engaged, even though he was living in San Diego at the time, we decided that we wanted our married life to be here as well. My grandparents, my brother and his family and my parents all within 5 miles of one another. When my grandpa passed away, we moved into my grandparents house and Gran still lives about 5 miles away in an independent-living old folks apartment building. It has its ups and downs being this close to everyone but I'm very family oriented and I think I knew it would be my responsibility to care for my parents in their so-called Golden Years so this is how it has to be.
 After my grandpa passed away, Gran moved to an apartment alone where she was recovering from a broken hip. My mother, being a dutiful daughter, took it upon herself to bring Gran dinner nightly. That was almost two years ago now and Gran's hip has healed and she is actually pretty independent for a soon-to-be 88-year old. She has a lady that comes in the morning to help her bathe and prepares her breakfast and lunch. Gran has the afternoon to herself and my parents bring her dinner most nights. Recently, my father's Parkinson's has been getting worse so we all suggested that they cut back on bringing Gran dinner so that my mother could be more rested. My mother had simply bitten off more than she could chew and we were hearing about her strife a bit too much.
Rather than just tell my forgetful Gran that she wouldn't come the day before taking a day off, my mother told Gran we all had a family meeting and decided it was best if she didn't come as much so she'd be taking two nights off. That was a month ago and since then Gran has decided my uncle and I were the ringleaders of this diabolical plan and she has been nothing but nasty about it to all of us, but specifically toward me. This is the ONE THING SHE WILL NEVER FORGET and she has been sure to tell everyone in my family how nasty I am and naturally they have all told me what she has said. Because I am very emotional right now, I decided to stop trying to ignore it and let it pass and decided to confront my Gran about her behavior this morning because try as I may I just can't seem to alleviate unnecessary stress from my life. This was one thing I was going to bury once and for all.
Naturally, she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. I reminded her that it was Husband and I that helped move grandpa to the home, that we were the ones that helped her pack up and move. We were the ones that have her over for dinner all the time. We are the ones trying constantly to make sure she gets enough time with her great-grandson. She had every opportunity to speak her mind but chose not to so when my piece was said, I left. I don't know if I feel better or worse but I know I have expressed my feelings and now I will try to walk away from it. It's hard, you know, because it is plain as day that she suffers from dementia but that doesn't stop her behavior from hurting my feelings. It hurts to see how easy it was for her to make me some kind of villain when I have been nothing but a good granddaughter for her. Old age and hard feelings are not a good combination.


Weigh-In Wednesday

I'm only down .2 since last week but I'm down 2.6 overall. I kind of slipped up yesterday afternoon and ate a bit too much birthday cake but what can you do? I've been struggling to go #2 which is I believe to be a symptom of being knocked up so I'm upping my fiber intake and hopefully that will help. I'm hungrier than usual during the day so I find myself snacking more between meals. A typical work-day of eating is:
  • 1 cup of coffee with milk and sugar (bye, bye Splenda my love)
  • 1 packet of Quaker instant oatmeal
  • 1 banana
  • 1 salad with extra veggies, a small portion of chicken and a hard-boiled egg
  • About 15 Wheat Thins (1 serving)
  • 1 string cheese
  • A handful of nuts and dried fruit
  • 64 ounces of water
Then I go home and have a reasonably sized dinner and more water. I find myself not really having any cravings for cookies and candy. Since Lent started a month ago I've only had a few mini eggs and one Cadbury Creme Egg. 'Tis the season after all. The Girl Scout cookies (also in season) have gone untouched for the most part. Who am I? I sort of splurged last night and a Shirley Temple with dinner at Yolanda's but in lieu of getting a heavy Mexican dinner I had stuffed salmon with steamed veggies. So boring right? Ah well. As for exercise, again, minimal. I look for any opportunity to nap. I go to sleep pretty early these days. Every now and then we get a walk in for Betty. That's about it. I should probably step up my game soon.


Weekend Goings On

This weekend was a mellow one for the most part but most notable was that Husband and I found a new babysitter and decided to make a date. Bossman had given me a gift certificate in December to Suzanne's Cuisine in Ojai and we thought we should celebrate last weekend's good news with a nice dinner out.  We usually eat here about once a year for a very special occasion and the food is just divine. I'll lay out everything we ate:
In lieu of my usual bottle of wine I had a sparkling juice and Husband had a couple bottles of Firestone.
For appetizers, I got a creamy butternut squash soup and Husband got the shrimp spring rolls. We split the special escargot and I'm very proud of Husband for being adventurous here. The best part of the escargot is dipping the freshly baked olive bread into the pesto, oil mixture. To die for.
For my main course I had the moistest pork tenderloin drizzled in two delicious sauces with a side of beautifully roasted red potatoes and assorted fresh vegetables. Husband went with the equally mouthwatering Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and assorted fresh vegetables.
For dessert we each enjoyed our own delicious cup of their coffee (decaf for me) and split the Creme Brulee. If I'd had room, I'd have gotten my own dessert but I was just too full.
Thanks to the gift certificate, dinner (plus tip) was only $50 out of pocket. We sat on the patio next to the fireplace and had a long and relaxing meal with plenty of sweet conversation about the future. However, when I really looked around the restaurant, I saw that aside from the wait staff, there was not one person of color there. Very bizarre.
Last weekend I told you how the lady bagging groceries saw me in my tummy-pocketed hoodie and asked if I was pregnant. I thought about her and that crazy exchange a lot throughout the week. On Sunday, we went back to Vons and she was there so I pulled her aside and said, "Suki, remember last weekend how you asked if I was pregnant?" and she blushed a bit. I told her "Well, you were right. I went home and took a test." She immediately gave me a high five and exclaimed "You're having a girl!" to which Husband immediately exclaimed in return, "No!" She reached into her shirt and pulled out a chain with a medallion of the Virgin Mary and said she knew it. I told her to pray for us and she said she would. Then as we were leaving she gave me the biggest hug which is sort of strange since I only know her as the bag-lady at the market but also very sweet. It's nice that story had such a cute little happy ending. Hopefully Suki's prayers will help keep this 5-week old Sesame Seed going.


Movie Review Monday

Since we are catching up on Oscar-nominated movies, we rented The Master. All three leads were nominated and Husband and I both agree that their performances definitely warranted those nominations. After seeing the movie, however, it is no surprise that it was not nominated for Best Picture. The story has Phoenix's soldier fresh out of war and completely dysfunctional: he drinks paint thinner, is practically a sexual deviant and has a hot temper. In a drunken stupor, he stumbles onto a docked boat upon which Master (Hoffman) and his wife (Adams) are celebrating their daughter's wedding. Something happens off-screen and when Phoenix wakes up from his blackout, he's fallen into the good graces of Master who wants to take him under his wing. What happens after that has been pretty loudly compared to Scientology and is basically a secret look into the introduction process of a sect/cult. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to the story than that. Husband wondered if maybe it needed to be edited to nothing because of those Scientology comparisons. There's no big climax, no mystery... nothing. And then the damn movie just ends leaving you speculating about what you just saw and wondering if the strange relationship Master and the solider share has some homo-erotic undertone and what the heck the point of that whole movie was supposed to be as there was zero resolution to zero conflict. We were both pretty disappointed in this one. And to top it off, Joaquin Phoenix isn't even hot in this movie so you can't even that one little morsel to walk away with. What a bummer.


Women's Day Haiku Friday

Lots on the noggin'
It's mostly financial stuff
Isn't it always? 
Needed a new tire
Casey needs some dental work
Husband on furlough?
It's all in the air
But will eventually fall
Right in mama's lap


Wreck-It Ralph

As someone who considers the release of a Disney movie an "event," it's still shocking to me that I never got around to seeing Wreck-It Ralph in the theater. It was a no-brainer that we were going to buy it on DVD so when it was released this past Tuesday, I sneaked (snuck isn't a word? weird.) out on my lunch break to buy it for us to enjoy at home. We're on a pretty heavy rotation of either Madagascar movies, How I Met Your Dragon (aka How to Train Your Dragon) or other heavily-viewed Disney flicks right now so a new movie in the mix is definitely worth the money. I really didn't know what to expect other than this was a video game movie and so I thought it'd be perfect for my little boy. However, after viewing, I came to realize this is pretty great for the girlies too!
I really had to twist Casey's arm to get this thing into the DVD player because he's apprehensive about new things but once it was on, he was hooked. Ralph is a bad guy in the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game and after 30 years of doing his bad guy job, he has decided he wants to know what it's like to be a good guy. He bounces around in the video game world to sort of see how his fate is going to play out. It's colorful, the soundtrack is actually quite fresh and the story is both fun and sweet. A lot of retro video game characters make cameos and when you pause the DVD, a gamer guy comes on with neat trivia tips and tells you what to look for in the movie. Neat! The cast's voices (full of many of my favorites) are easily recognizable to movie buffs and the actors are well-suited to their characters. I recommend this one big time and if you need proof, I've watched it twice in two nights by my own choice. Take that, Casey! 


Weigh In Wednesday

Last week's weigh-in was 222.4 and today's weight was 220 for a total loss of 2.4 pounds. I gotta say, I should get pregnant more often if this is the way it's going to be. So what did I do differently? Exercise was pretty much the same as it has always been. We walked Betty Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I can't really recall Thursday and Friday but since Casey was home sick I don't think we did much in the way of walking. On Sunday, I worked in my flower bed for upwards of 2 hours. This consisted of twisting a shovel all over that mo-fo to break the soil, lots of digging up of plants and digging holes to put them in and squatting which I can still feel in my hamstrings. Then when all was said and done, I had to go over the whole thing with a manual tiller cultivator to get that soil nice and loose. A workout? I'd say.
As far as diet changes, I gave up candy February 13th and since then I have had only 6 wee Cadbury mini eggs. I had given up beer as well but that really didn't kick in like I thought it would until I saw those two lines on Sunday afternoon. Let's face it, I was drinking a LOT of beer so cutting that out is going to have an impact. I also won't be able to default to soda when we go out to eat because I have to limit my caffeine intake and I'm not really a fan of caffeine-less soda-pop. I drink minimal juice so looks like it's mostly going to be water and my two wee cups of coffee in the morning. If morning sickness kicks in though? It's Classic Coca-Cola for breakfast all the way (that's a wee trick I learned last time).
I'm trying to do what the nurse told me to do when I was pregnant with Casey and that is to have one meal a day be a salad. I stocked up on lunch stuff and healthy snacks on Sunday. Lots of veggies to enhance the pre-packaged salad plus a hard-boiled egg in addition to the chicken for more protein. Fruit and a handful of nuts for snacks. Drinking lots of water. Carbs have been cut way back as have dinner portion sizes. This week I've had bagels for breakfast since Monday but usually I stick with my tiny bowl of oatmeal to help my cholesterol. This weekend I didn't have bacon with breakfast like I usually do.  My nerves are sort of shot and I have a cold so my appetite is pretty suppressed right now so snacking is minimal. And there you have it.


Celeste and Jesse Forever

Entertainment Weekly is my primary source for all things movie-related so I trust them pretty implicitly. They had nothing but nice things to say about Celeste and Jesse Forever so I threw it on the queue. It was written by Rashida Jones who I am a big fan of thanks to The Office (even though she kept Jim and Pam apart) and Parks and Recreation (Anne Perkins!). And of course there's Andy Samberg who has proved to be quite likeable on SNL and as a member of The Lonely Island. He plays her husband, once her childhood best friend, whom she is now separated from and/or divorcing.
These two are the perfect couple that just didn't work out because he's a bit too immature and she's a bit too rigid. They're trying to maintain their friendship but they're sort of freaking out their friends in the process because their closeness as exes just isn't natural. He lives in the studio behind her house for goodness sakes. A big something happens and the two of them are basically forced to move on from one another although it is obvious to everyone that it isn't really what either of them wants. This is where the heartbreak comes in. Jeeeeeeesuuuus, you guys, I cried like a baby. Husband said "If you want to say what I think in your review, say I think it's a big damn bummer."
I think we have all had the relationship where we know something just isn't right but we keep on fighting for it because it's so comfortable. I had mine in my early twenties and boy could I relate to some of the drama these two had while letting go. There's a particular scene where they basically both know it's over but have one last kiss and a quick cuddle and it hurt to watch; you can ask my Husband who watched me bawl. He thought this movie was too hipster but it's about a young couple in Los Angeles so, really, it had no choice to be otherwise. I liked it but I think there is a reason I don't watch rom-coms... I simply get way too invested.


Weekend Pics

Casey was sick with a tummy bug from Thursday until yesterday so we needed to stay pretty close to home. Since that was the case, we hit Lowe's on Saturday morning and stocked up on supplies to get to work on our yard. Most importantly, I wanted to uproot and relocate some existing plants in my flower bed. I tilled the soil and planted 3 rows of hearty flowers including 2 rows of marigolds because they are supposed to ward off pests. And they also have a strong cultural significance for Indians and Mexicans - two of my favorite peeps - holler!  Then I spent way too much time churning my bunny's poop into liquid fertilizer for further enrichment. Glamor.
Husband's task was to fix up the bunny's cage. It was the least we could do after using up all his poop I guess. Before, the cage was pretty uneven so Husband sawed off the legs on the bottom to make it a bit lower and more stable. Then, using about 4 cans of spray paint, he transformed it from old, green, chipped paint into this barn looking thing. Pretty sweet, right? We call our house Rancho Viernes (Friday's Ranch) so this seems pretty fitting that we have our own barn for our barnyard animal.
On Sunday I had to go to the store to stock up on good eats for the Spring Into Fitness challenge so I threw on some workout pants and a hooded sweatshirt. No makeup, hair not done. Probably looking like a hot mess, actually. Anyway, I go to the checkout and I'm feeling the front pouch of my hoodie to make sure my money and keys are still in there. The lady doing the bagging says "You're almost ready right?" and I respond "Ready for what?" realizing, dear God, this woman thinks I'm pregnant. So I say "Oh, I'm not pregnant, just fat." and she's mortified and the cashier is shocked and everyone's backpedaling. It was pretty hilarious. So I go home and tell Husband this story and he says "Wait, shouldn't you have gotten your period this weekend?" and I say "Oh." and proceed to the restroom to take a pregnancy test...
I'm not telling Facebook until I hear a heartbeat so if you're here and there with me, then let's just keep this here on the blog ok? We're only 4-weeks and this little Poppy Seed has a long way to go but you guys know all my baby secrets. It's too much to keep inside. Right now it's just family and you guys and my bosses because we have a small company I need to look out for.


Hello March Haiku Friday

National Pig Day
Just thought you all should know that 
Before I tell you
Today's not better
Casey and projectile puke
My morning so far
Last night I drank beer
Ate peanut butter cookies
Didn't give a fuck.