Weigh-In Wednesday

On January 1st I joined this group with a weigh-in of 224.5. That was an afternoon weight with clothes on. This morning's naked weight was 222.4. I deduced my clothing weighs about 1.6 pounds so if I am down at all, it is about a half a pound. Not great but at least I didn't gain. Since I am a glutton for punishment, I have joined a second challenge called Spring Into Fitness hosted once again by the lovely and patient Jessica. This one ends April 24th, approximately two weeks before I leave for Michigan and turn 36.

As far as exercise goes: not so great. I have taken Betty on a walk twice this week but last week is a blur. This past weekend there wasn't much physical activity going on but it sure was a fun weekend full of going places and doing stuff! I figure I'll try the treadmill thing again soon but probably not this week. Last night I went to Vons and stocked up on salad, fruits and vegetables for work and lower calorie evening snacks. That was pricy but I figure it will keep me from going out to eat and can hopefully help me kick the bad habit of getting sodas when I go out. Water intake has increased to about 64 ounces a day and I need to keep on that.

My goal is to lose something this time. I say 10 pounds but I'll be happy with anything. Two other goals I had last challenge were to lose weight to get pregnant (didn't happen) and to lower my cholesterol to avoid going on medication (still at like 240 I think and that is ATROCIOUS). My Lent goal of giving up beer and candy is only going so-so. I have not had candy since the 13th which is pretty great for me. I have lapsed on the drinking part, though. I figure if I make it Monday through Thursday without drinking: that's a win. I did that last week and this week is looking good. So here's to a new beginning!

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Christine said...

Small changes can add up! Also, just because you don't see a change on the scale doesn't mean you're not making progress! The scale is merely ONE measurement of your success! xo