Weekend Pics

This weekend BFF & Co. and my family took the Metro from Culver City to The California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Casey hasn't been on a train since he was about 4 months old so this was very exciting for him as you can see by his expression above. 
When I walked into the hangar to see the Shuttle, I was suddenly covered with goosebumps and sort of started crying uncontrollably.
This was a big, wonderful specimen and made us all quite proud that we, Americans, pulled this off. Very moving. And the best part was it was only $2 to see. Huh?
Casey and Sasha really loved this exhibit/aquarium so we spent a lot of time looking at fish through a giant wall and under a tunnel. There was even a scuba diver feeding the fish with tongs. It was really something. Worth noting? The Asian tourist next to me spoke very little English but I could definitely make out P. Sherman and Sydney. Yup, Finding Nemo.
Casey made friends with this tortoise and I just thought it was a fun picture. The museum has lots of different things to do and see and touch. It was a perfect spot for the kiddos to explore.
And finally, here's one of my favorite pictures of the day. A lady gave Sasha a heart balloon and she just couldn't have been happier. Best of all? Casey didn't try to steal it from her and thus "a scene" was averted. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying adult company while the kiddos napped it off. All in all, a fantastic Sunday outing with the Bhallagrasses.


Coodence said...

Yay! Yah, that pic of buddy is one of my faves too.

Hung said...

looks like a great outing

libelletage.com said...

how fun!