Weekend Pics

We decided to hike Piedra Blanca on President's Day and when we stopped to get our permit, these little blue birdies were there and we figured that was a sign of a good day to come.
It was Betty's first hike and she took to the trails like a true pro. She would run ahead and come back to check on us and just would not quit. Hiking was a favorite past-time for Husband and Kiyah so it's nice that Betty likes it too.
Casey and I found a spot under some shade so he could have a snack. We sat on a picnic blanket under which he wanted to "z'hide!" but we were not about to "z'hide!" on a dirt trail under a dirty blanket. Mom is such a killjoy.
Casey wanted nothing more than to dive into this icy water so Husband had to carry him like this. He spent a lot of time on Husband's shoulders but really did great considering we were out there for a couple hours.
Betty may have bitten off more than she could chew because she was exhausted on the car ride home. She actually fell asleep just like this and though it's not pictured here, she drooled all down the seat. Really nice.
And then there's this guy. Husband said he saw him at the trail head on our way into the hike and he was there on the way out. While we were loading up the car to head home, he approached us: tall and lanky with braces, lip quivering out of fear. He had ditched his friends and had no cell service and was looking for a ride down the mountain into town. After looking him up and down, Husband told him he was going to the bathroom and would take a look through his stuff and we'd give him a ride. Came to find out his name is Remington and he's a sophomore at the high school in Ojai. He told Husband he had a camping knife which ended up being some gigantic Rambo looking thing so Husband confiscated it for the ride. When you're 15, you really believe you need that kind of gear to go hiking I guess.
He said on the way home that he didn't know how to ask for help when he was at the trail head. I find this to be a sad commentary about today's society. Luckily, he found the super nice Fridays to help him but I have to wonder what would have happened if he'd been stuck there. It's funny because before we had Casey, Husband and I hiked another trail close to this one and stumbled upon a couple with a dog. They looked disoriented and it was a hot day and they were walking on the road as we were driving home. We pulled over and offered them a ride back to their campground because they had gotten lost. I'm sure glad we look trustworthy enough for people to keep hopping in our car after our hikes but I also have to wonder about the people who maybe aren't experienced enough to tackle such big adventures. Be safe out there, readers.