New Year, No Excuses - End of Week 6

Went up .2 but my effort level has been holding steady at zero throughout most of this competition so I won't act surprised. We've taken at least 4 walks to the park since last weigh-in which is pretty good. I had a pretty lazy weekend and took naps both days. Last night I had a couple beers and finished off the last of my Ben & Jerry's S'mores ice cream but I feel like having the grilled fish and salad for dinner in lieu of fried fish and fried sides speaks volumes. I've been trying to drink more water and make better food choices but Monday sucked so hard I ended up having a Quarter Pounder with Cheese McDonald's meal and I'm still trying to get over the shame of that.
I have some candy bars lying around that I need to get out of my life so I plan on giving those away shortly. Today is Ash Wednesday so even though I'm a lapsed Catholic, I still try to play along each year. This year, BFF and I talked about giving up beer and candy with the Sunday stipulation in play (basically Sunday is a cheat day that Catholics seem to approve of). Christine will be here this weekend so I hope I can stay strong until her dad's birthday party on Sunday. And I hope to not become a wino while kicking the beer habit but I won't make any promises. For those of you wondering, Lent is from today until March 31st, Easter.
I think these weekly updates have gotten to be a bit negative so here's some positive stuff just to let you know I'm not a body hater:
  • I like that I'm strong enough to carry my son and wrestle and toss him with ease.
  • I like the feeling I get when I push the stroller while leading Betty on the leash. She's really strong so she pulls and I feel like a warrior handling both things at once.
  • I like that my handsy Husband still finds me sexy even though I am significantly heavier than when we met.
  • I posted a picture of myself when I was young and skinny at Homecoming on Instagram and think I'm sexier now that I have boobies. I was flat as a board senior year apparently.
  • I'm proud of my body for carrying Casey to term and for recovering quickly from my miscarriage.

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