Movie Review Monday

If you are my friend on Facebook or if we have run into one another since I watched this on Friday night, then you know already I loved Pitch Perfect. It is no secret that I love Glee so it seems like a no-brainer that I'd like this movie about competing a capella teams at a university, but I just wasn't sure about it. Either way, I threw it on the queue and was not disappointed. Glee is definitely campy but it tries to be a little bit serious about current events and there is definitely some depth to it. I can't say that about Pitch Perfect which is why it was such a treat. I mean, this movie was just so cheesy and corny and I couldn't have liked it more than I did. I was squealing at Husband, like completely out of control with how pleased I was watching some serious ridiculousness. Oh, Husband. He's such a good sport putting up with me and this kind of shit. The music was great, the girls were funny and there was a wee cheesy love story that just tickled me. And I think it speaks boatloads for the movie that I walked away from it really liking Anna Kendrick even though she really turned me off in some of her other roles. Two thumbs way up.

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Christine said...

I'm gonna need to see this. Esp if you buy it! xo