Happy Valentine's Day

Once upon a time I was in love with a boy and he dumped me. Twice. On two separate Valentine's Days over the course of five years. After that it was really hard to give a shit about this particular holiday especially since I rebounded with an emotionally unavailable dude and wasted another several years of my "romantic" life with him. I remember being a kid and thinking Valentine's Day was so much fun, exchanging cards and candy with our classmates, dressing in red and decorating with hearts. For as long as I can remember, my mom has given me a red gift on this day but she's at sea on a cruise right now so I have no red gift from her.
I didn't have much in the way of Valentine's Day decorations so I cut pink and red hearts out of some leftover craft paper that I had and made a string of them covered in heart stickers and put them around our fireplace mantle. I was hoping it could be a fun project for Casey and me but he ditched the whole project after he put the first heart sticker on so that was that. I had a red rose wreath I used at Christmastime so we bought a pink monkey plush that was holding a red heart and now he lives in the wreath above the fireplace and it is all very festive in our living room now. Casey, however, seems a bit pissed that his monkey lives up there rather than in the pile of stuffed animals in his bedroom.
Husband is coming home from San Diego a day early just to spend Valentine's Evening with me. I have a card waiting for him at home. I covered the envelope in I Love You's and Xs and Os. That's about the extent of our celebration though I may buy him a beer cuz I'm just that classy. I gave Casey a card that screeches like a monkey when you open it and a replica of the car his daddy drives. Something special for him. It's not red, but it will do. 
Hope your Valentine's Day is great regardless of whether it is romantic or not. And for goodness sakes, I hope no one breaks up with you today.