From Coldplay to Linkin Park

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook: I think this week so far is summed up best by Coldplay: Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. #emorandi
Today I think I would write: Today's song lyric of note would be from Linkin Park: Takes me one step closer to the edge. And I'm about to break.

Sunday was a great day, I'll tell you what but it's been downhill from there. Here's a summary so I can lay it out for myself even if you, dear reader, may be bored to death.
  • My mother is miserable because of my Gran and my dad, both of whom she has to care for. Gran suffers from dementia and bitchiness. Dad suffers from Parkinsons and being retired (a.k.a. laziness). I am the receptacle for her bitching and I'm just not one who can shake things off that easily.
  • I emailed with my sister-in-law yesterday and she told me she and my brother are having troubles. I think she was trying to be sympathetic but mostly it just makes me worry about the D-word. (That would be "divorce" by the way).
  • Husband has been down south for work a lot lately which leaves me with just too much in the way of Casey and Betty on top of working full-time.
  • I am still fat and frankly I feel like staying that way because eating is the one thing that makes me happy. Fat Bastard? Why yes.
  • I am still not pregnant. I know this because I have peed on many, many strips and I'm also suffering from severe PMS.
  • Husband's work (a.k.a. The Navy) is threatening unpaid furlough days which I am sure you have read about because congress can't seem to develop a budget. That would essentially mean about $400 a month in unpaid wages. Maybe I'm wrong and it's not congress. Frankly, I don't give a shit.
  •  Last night I went out for a super fun dinner out with Casey and my folks and Casey basically conned a stranger working at the restaurant to pick him up and hug him. However, because God or Fate or some motherfucker is testing me to see how much I can take, at 10:30 pm I was awaken by the sounds of Casey screaming. I thought he was having a nightmare so I didn't rush in right away but then he screamed again. When I ran into his room, I found him sitting in a pool of strawberry-scented vomit. Oh, fruit snacks. So gross.
  • Neither of us really slept a wink because after I got him cleaned up and in to bed with me, he proceeded to cry out and toss and turn all night long. At one point I'm pretty sure he got out of bed. Yeah. Not fun. No Husband.
  • Every morning this week Casey has said "I want to go back home" when I drop him off at Maria's. This morning, he said it with tears in his eyes thus leaving me crying.
So yeah. That's that in a nutshell. I haven't taken a vacation since December of 2011 and that was post-miscarriage and we went to Michigan. My next vacation is 2 months away. To Michigan. Again. Please, dear God, give me a motherfucking break already. Amen. 


Coodence said...

Dude! That fucking sucks. And so gross about the boot.

Christine said...

Dude, I am super sorry. Sometimes life gives you more lemons than you want. Any way you can take a "mental health" day from work? Go get a massage or just hit the reset button? I'm sending positive vibes to you, love! xox

Ang said...

sorry randi....this too shall pass.

libelletage.com said...

Oh, sorry Randi! Sometimes life really pushes us to the edge. there have definitely been times I thought I could break. And some how I didn't. Some how I made it. Although that somehow may have included cookies, so I know how you feel!